What do i do now?

Having lost my dear Mother on 17 March this year, after caring for her for 6 years, gave up my home to move in with her after my Dad died in 2008, now I have to be out of the house in 6 months from date of passing. So I am going to be homeless, a state i always dreaded. I have mental health issues and cardiac problems, but the mental health team say that they can't help me and referred me to another agency. I won't be able to access my share of my Mum's estate until Jan 2018, so now i am contesting the Will. Any medical advice would be welcomed??

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  • I'm not sure I can advise I'm sorry, but I wanted to say I'm so sorry about the loss of your mum, it's devastating. On top of that you have the other worries, it must be such a struggle.

    I do hope you find an agency that can help you, I know from exoereince the research can be exhausting, when your trying to find agencies to help, in the end I've always found someone who can help out. I'm sure you will have thought of CAB, sometimes the agency themselves can't help but can provide valuable sign posting to enable help.

    Sometimes drs can signpost patients to an agency they may know who can help. Cruise the bereavement agency may have some ideas too, maybe.

    I was recently looking for some help and was in despair, it seemed there was nothing. Then one evening after a search on the internet something came up, it was a shot in the dark but I emailed them and that email was replied to and I am now in talks with them around some help with a matter I have coming up.

    It's difficult I know, so hard , don't give up. And don't be afraid to go back to mental health team or gp if you feel you need to. Unfortunately sometimes we do have to be heard a second or third time to get the input. Not great for us I know ..

    I wish you well.


  • Hi I am so sorry to hear about the passing of your dear mother. Mine went 4 years ago and it is very traumatic. You did receive 2 replies on your first post a few days ago. Did you see them?

    There are no health professionals on this site, just fellow sufferers, so we cannot give medical advice I'm afraid. It's beyond the remit of a site like this.

    I wish you the best.

  • Get a good solicitor to ensure you achieve your rights.

    Presumably the mental health team have referred you to the agencies that are likely to be helpful in your area.

    CRUSE may help.

    If you have a social worker they may also help. Otherwise a good friend!

  • My sincere thanks for your replies. I do appreciate the contact and it helps a lot, thank you

  • You are unlikely to become Homeless contact Shelter and they will help you. All local authorities have a social worker to prevent homeless. When we lose somebody precious everything seems impossible. Keep in touch with your mental health worker and I agree contact Cruse. Local churches can be good support. Good Luck I feel for you.

  • I have read somewhere in the past that if someone gives up their own home to care for a relative, they have a legal right to stay in the deceased's home. I know it would depend on the circumstances of ownership etc. Try to find a solicitor who gives a free initial consultation

  • marigold22 I also have read this, depending of course on the ownership aspect.

    Greybags I am so sorry to hear of the death of your mother. She was blessed with a daughter who cared for her so much. Please take advice from CAB, who will point you in the right direction. Also please take care of yourself & allow yourself time to grieve. Please take care Pixiewixie X

  • I am my Mother's son, her daughter, my sister hasn't done a thing to look after her, there seems to have been a mix up......

  • I am so sorry Greybags, I do apologise for making an assumption. The mix up is totally mine! May I say that your mum was blessed with a son who cared for her so much. Thank you for letting me know about my mix up. It is so hard when a brother or sister does nothing for an ill parent, happily leaving it to the one who is always there, the one who cares & does the caring. Please take a little time now to really care for yourself Greybags. Take Good Care of yourself, Pixiewixie x

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