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Just an idea, if it’s not allowed or not the right place, I’m happy for the mods to delete this.

Would it be helpful to have a discussion on here to help those who ‘must’ self isolate due to their medical conditions? Perhaps this would help fill their day.

If it’s ok, I'm happy to get the ball rolling with a question.

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That would be great and I can't see any problems with that x

Here’s a starter.

I was waiting in the queue at the chemists, they have a separate counter for those who are on methadone to be given their daily ‘fix’.

They ‘jump’ the queue. I walk with a stick due to spinal problems, is it right that they are served before me, should they be made to wait there turn, or should we feel compassion for them, they went off the rails, started to take drugs, but now they’re seeking help, they should be allowed the facility of being served first?

Good idea as I am not coping isolated lockdown mental health

Same here really struggling with my mental health as well, was all going well got a recovery nurse had one visit then she phoned in sick with this virus,hope she’s well, I’ve been struggling for a long time now I cannot go out in isolation as per nhs advice for 12 weeks, i have a chest condition it’s for the benefit for others that I’m isolating , I haven’t got the luxury off a garden just a ‘yard’, strange thing is I don’t care if I get it.

I’ve got no motivation always been a problem for me I know to force myself do things distractions etc but what with, work was one can’t work from home no chance off bringing any big machines home is there,

Bubble02 and Wantobehappy, these times are trying for the best of us. I’m fortunate, my problems don’t place me in the high risk category.

I’ve just returned from the chemist, for safety they’re only letting two customers in at a time, an elderly lady was after me, she is worried sick, masked and gloved because she has breathing problems, a young man after her, the same, masked and gloved because he is asthmatic, people are queuing for up to an hour. Desperate times. Stay safe guys.

Answer to ur question n inquiry.

I say we should all talk to keep us all above water.These r trying times for our world.

As for folks using Methadone.I wasnt an addict.I was given it for 20 years for extreme chronic pain because it was an old pain med.Drug addicts n doctors pushing it for wrong reasons made it what it us now.Ultimately it nearly killed me,covered up my pain only.The drug is poison period BUT anyone needing it now vs other folks needing other meds,well..i say we should treat everyone equal now because life is so fragile n uncertain.We need love n kindness now..not separation.We need to be morally nice n caring n unjudgemental.

Great post n question.

Stay safe everyone..spread love not judgement...we will all get our turn in line😁😷✌❤

100% agree, it’s far too easy to ‘go off the rails’, I actually applaud all those who have made mistakes, realised they have and try to correct themselves. I never judge a book by its cover, I couldn’t, why............because in the late 70’s I had long hair and had it dyed pink!

It gives you a nice warm feeling when you help someone.

Stay safe everybody.

Yes yes...no need to fret over bs right now..otherwise we will all lose it more.

Im happy ,with everything being crap..i have stockpile of beef jerky if it gets worse in the world,lol

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