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The Struggle of Social Distancing


My state is considering a curfew, which will restrict me in the one thing keeping me sane right now- walking my dog whenever I want.

My friends are like my family- we're close in a way that most friend groups aren't. I have to be away from them all for at least 3 weeks, if not more. COVID-19 is honestly the least of our concerns, as some of my friends are struggling to secure housing and food as college students escaping abusive situations. I am currently staying with my mom, but she is on the taskforce for this crisis at her job, and is very busy. All of my friends are outside of walking distance, with about half of them staying on an empty campus due to lack of alternative.

The one benefit of all this chaos was that I was able to secure an earlier consultation date for top surgery- it would have been this Wednesday. This, too, has been postponed. It's still sooner now than it previously was, but this knowledge has done little to soothe my dysphoria-addled mind. Speculations of how long it may take our healthcare system to recover have proven more than enough to spike fears that I will never get top surgery.

I feel foolish and selfish for being upset about these things, but I cannot help but feel helpless. Who knows how long this will continue for? I know there are others who have it far worse than me, but I don't know what to do. If I cannot escape this situation, I need to at least escape this mindset, but I feel hopelessly trapped in a cage of isolation and dysphoria.

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We are in the UK and we are behind America when it comes down to restrictions. I am having to arrange my prescriptions through the post and possibly every two weeks we will need to get our deliveries delivered by the Supermarket. Tonight we have been told to expect restrictions leaving the home for upwards of twelve weeks, if people suffer cold symptoms people will be forced to in for fourteen days to make sure they are clear.

We have voluntarily decided to remove ourselves from Society for the next four weeks, we are supposed to be going on Holiday over the next eight weeks or so, they are beginning to restrict travel so we cannot now go, we will be trying to get our money back.

We also Have a dog, we are in the countryside so we can take him for a walk, or work in the garden.preparing for Summer, and we have had to arrange sufficient food for our Pax. We have also had to put further orders needed for the garden in stead of arranging to pick them up in the garden centre Life is going to be complicated for everyone.

I feel concerned for you although everyone in the UK, America and Europe are being effected in various ways, like you my GP will only talk on the phone and to be honest I do not feel going to Surgery is now just not an option.

I suppose in USA you could arrange to stay with family until there is a time where the problem will burn out. I personally hope it will be sooner rather than later


It's a totally different matter Bob to have to self isolate when you live alone. Imagine if you did for example. x


Yes it must be a big problem for people like you and how you will be able to cope. I would be very concerned for you and I do not know what to suggest. We here are very lucky living in the country with a large garden. Pax Had to have His stitches cut back on Friday to make sure He would be ok. We are waiting for His food to be delivered tomorrow

How will you manage for your shopping etc ? Is there any way you can stay with family until all clears up. We understand up to twelve to eighteen weeks.

It may help we put an order in for grocery tonight, the order will be delivered in about ten days so you need to keep that in mind

Keep a hold

Always here to chat


I can get everything I need online. That's not an issue for me but there no way I can do without company. That's my main issue.


like all of us there are real problems, yes we can use the web for most things, however we will also need routine treatments, like injections and routine visits to the GP. I have sorted my prescriptions to be delivered in the post, However one thing a virus can survive on paper for several days, so in a way all this may become a secondary problem. I know how to give injections, so they can sent me the serum.

I feel for you not having people around you this will also be a problem especially with old people over seventy, as visitors and Health professionals will need to break the voluntary seal of their homes. Also what about Dentists, hospital appointments and optical.

The problem over an extended period is distribution as people are laid low, also suppliers who produce our needs especially if this goes on for twelve months or so as these people will start to come down to the virus.

We have just ordered composts in sacks for the garden and will be producing many of our vegetables and fruits. The whole problems we face is a real concern.

All I can do will come on these sites and talk out peoples concerns. Do you feel that will help you in the long term etc



What about Skype, we could share e-mail addresses and work on that situation ??

We all can support that way, additional to Health unlocked ?


Hi theycallnemo,

I just wanted to say that I hear you and can relate to what you and those commenting have said.

I think it's essentially those with a lot of privilege who are better able to cope with the impact of all of this disruption, although evidently it's still hard and is for anyone.

But when we're dealing with other stuff, the virus itself is the last time we're thinking about and I for one didn't think about until I was directly affected by all the disruption, which is harder for those who are already coping with a lot.

I can understand the helplessness as I feel it too. I'm on the Autistic spectrum and struggle to cope with change. I'm the UK and they've suspended classes at my uni.

I also have PTSD and had to isolate myself for a year or so and focus all my energy on therapy and my recovery because of the impact this was having on my relationships. I was reaching a point in my recovery where I was able to start going out and socializing again... and then... this pandemic. I think the word "frustration" has been redefined for me.

So while my overall situation isn't exactly the same I do really feel for you. I hope you'll be able to get your top surgery soon and your friends can find security during this difficult time. I also hope you can find a way of staying connected with them - although I know it's not the same as face to face. Two of my close friends and I were due to go on holiday soon but we had to cancel. I was so looking forward to it. I haven't been away on holiday for seven years. It sucks.


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