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recent diagnosis

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Hi, Iv been dealing with depression for the past 13 years on and off, it's something iv learnt to deal with in the hope of one day beating it for good however, recently iv been diagnosed with BPD and it's messed with my head alot and i dont know how to deal with it. I already have a problem with overthinking so this has amplified the problem as its giving me anxiety because i know its hard to treat. thanks for reading.

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Hello sweenbean90

Thank you for your message. Welcome to this group.

Yes I can see you are having a difficult time trying to sort out how to deal with your new diagnosis.

Is your doctor helping you and are you taking any medications?

I know it is difficult at the moment but your hobbies may be helpful in the future. What are your hobbies?

Our members may have some helpful advice or support for you.

There is a little lot of information in the topics and pinned posts.

Mind charity at may have useful information.

Please let us know how you are doing.

Best wishes

Thank you for taling the time to reply. I seen my doctor every 4 weeks up until a few months ago but havent seen her since. I was on fluoxetine but they ain't helping so im in the process of cutting them down to eventually stop under my phychiatrists orders however, im unsure what she plans to do next. Hobbies were reading gaming and jogging and walking the dogs but recently the only thing i do is walk the dogs and go back to bed.

You need to follow your Therapists advice, although I would consider making an appointment with your GP and see what has been arranged regards medications, as you come off one you may need to start another. Hobbies, Diversions, like walking the dog or other activities is important for your well being, going to bed you will only dwell

one your negative thoughts, this could make matters worse.

I am unable to read now, although as mentioned before reference books with pictures in help me to review those places I have visited in the past.

Consider getting back to your running as well, this will assist the brain maintain positive thoughts

I also find playing music on You Tube for an hour before bed, generally the site makes up various play lists of music you enjoy. Give it a try


thanks for responding. Im not havingg much luck in tht at the moment because my gp is letting my phych deal with the meds. iv went back a few times but they just want me to keep going until i get group theerapy which is supposed to start next month but its so hard not to be self destructive. I have been trying to get into hobbies again but my attention span is so low i usually just stop focusing. I have been trying for the running but i have no motivation so just rely on dog walking for exercise.

i can be very much the same, We take our Pax out for a walk, although my walking is now quite bad. I have a short term memory disorder and my concentration and memory is really bad. I used to enjoy reading although now that is becoming a real problem. I now have books full of pictures and I also look at my National Geographic and Royal Geographic magazines. we also get the National Trust and English Heritage magazines, also Historic Houses although again I have problems reading and just look after the pictures.

What you can do it try YOU TUBE they have an extensive list of films and contributions that allow you to look are and extensive library of anything that interests you, I use it every day and just before bed, when I listen to music I enjoy. In fact they actually make up play lists for you of the music you enjoy.

Give above a try, the above magazines are generally for members although there are many things on You Tube for you to enjoy


Yea it sucks. I was thinkin of trying audiobooks but never ever got round 2 it thanks il deffo give a try.

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At leaat you are out with the dogs walking!!! Hang in there! Have you told family members? Friends? You need their support right now.

We are here, too! I would call your psychiatrist’s office Nd let them know you are really struggling. Sending strength!

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sweenbean90 in reply to Pearl67

Hey thankyou. My family are quite supportive but i dont really have friends. They kinda gave up over the years so i kinda keep myself to myself. Also i dont really like talkin to the family because i know they worry so i try and grin n bare. Im due an appointment for my phychiatrist any day now but the letters not came in the post yet. I have another appointment with my phych nurse on the 6th though so i just gotta look forward to that.

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Don't give up hope on beating it ALL one day. Find ways to get out of ur own head.I get the anxiety and then running what a doc may have told u over and over thru ur head.. it will make u nuts and not change any of it....Im a med disaster..I get it. Find things that can distract u....even if its staring at a worm on a sidewalk.For me its really rude comedy,music,outrageous humor, my dogs. It doesn't take it away but makes life more bearable daily. :)

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Thanks for the reply. Yea its mainly at work when its quiet or tryna sleep is when my mind goes nuts and thinks about everything. If i have aday off its nit as bad because i can try distract myself by binging netflix.

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Hidden in reply to sweenbean90

Netflix is my best friend today,for my stuff today :) hope it helps u too.:)

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it really does when i'm home. If i cant concentrate i just put something iv already seen on for background noise. Iv been trying to get on my PS4 more to see if it helps but i lose interest after about 10-20 minutes

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Hidden in reply to sweenbean90

Sounds like u r needing some new games or xbox..something different to grab ur attention n focus.I just say ps4/Xbox n I'm onto something else lol.

I was diagnosed with EUPD and a few months later he revoked it, saying I didn't meet the criteria any more!

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sweenbean90 in reply to Suzie40

Aw congrats! I hope after this group therapy il be the same but going into its a scary thought

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