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Hi, just wondering did any one watch the television programme ( the singer professor green ) was looking into to depression and how it's so unbareable that many people ( exspaecilly men ) take there own lives, I found it really intresting exspaecilly when he interviewed a leading professor who study for many years why people end there life, he made it perfectly clear that it is not a selfish act, they are extremely ill and feel they are a burden to people, I'm suffering really bad myself at the moment and could relate to many many things in the programme which made me realise, all I'm suffering and dealing with is what Iv been diagnosed with very serve depression and anxiety and it's normal when you have this illness to feel this way, as sometimes I think is it myself making me feel this way ?? I know now it's the illness. I think it's worth a watch


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  • Hi Sandraan I hope your not thinking about how easy it is to end one's life many have illness which many people take their lives and don't know that they have a illness until its to late, I now your feeling down at the moment but like I said to you, you have nothing to die for but everything to live forx hope your feeling better tonight than you was the other day take care please look after yourself big hugs n kisses from your friend Alan xx

  • No no Alan not at all just found it so very comforting, to know that so many people feel as bad as I do, and have to fight so hard NOT TO DO IT although at times the feelings and pain is so very hard to bare, hearingI a professor who has listenend and study hundreds of people with depression and suicidal thoughts how really bad and hard it is for them as they feel there is noway out, that was exactly how I felt that very same day (as you know, as you was there to support me though it ) so no ALAN just the opposite, but once again thank you for asking and caring really appreciate it, hope your ok

  • hi Sandraan i know how you feel its hard for us all and it does make you wondered why me, your not on your own many are suffering and it would be an easy way out, i've seen the consultants because i was holding a knife to my throat one day and the doctor thought i was joking until she saw me with the knife, that why i'm always hear for you i hope you don't do anything to yourself and i'm glad that by what i've been saying has help you, your a dear friend now and i wouldn't want anything to happen to you take care speak to you later your friend for life Alan xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Can I please ask what television station this program was on, or even the name of it, so I can try and watch it on catch up tv

    Many thanks

  • Hi lottie, hope you are ok, yes it was PROFESSOR GREEN SUICIDE AND ME it was on BBC 3 and yes you can get it on catch up, many people I have told have watched it on my phone through BBC I player, have a watch and tell me what you thought ?? Xx

  • Hi, What was the program called and what channel was it on. I'd like to see if I can get it on catch up if possible.

  • Hi, oh yes I think it's well worth a watch professor Green SUICIDE AND ME BBC 3 I watched it really late last night (a repeat ) about 1.30 am, I just got so much relief when he went to see a ( real ) professor in Glasgow who study depression and suicide and he explained exactly how I had felt that day, ( I was horrific ) and although you most certainly DO NOT want to commit suicide the feelings and pain that people are suffering they just can't find away out, he also stressed that suicide is NOT A SELFISH ACT in fact it is just the opposite the person at that time is so very ill and feels there worthless and a burden to everyone,, I got so much comfort from hearing that, although I am going to do it, I felt like that yesterday exactly how he had explained it, so yes It made me realse although Iam really suffering at the moment its normal to feel this bad when you have server depression/ anxitey the difference is I'm crying out for help and can't get it. But yes I think it's worth a watch, let me know what you think, hope your ok xx

  • I know exactly what you mean it took another person who I spoke to and didn't know they had depression as well to let me know that it was okay if I was hearing voices in my head. It was so much of a relief to here him say that cause at that time the negative voices I had my head were scaring me at times as I could get then to quieten down at all. Sometimes hearing these types of things makes you know you are not alone in how you feel and if they can give you information about what they've tried to help themselves it could make you think about what would work for you and hopefully help you to see that there is a way out of things and you can get better.

    Thank you for the name of the program. I will have a look at it.

    Hope you are feeling a bit better today.

    Take care.

  • Exactly agree with all you say, mine is definitely hormonal that's why I felt so horrific yesterday but I just can't seem to get the right medication I need for hormones, my blood test keep coming back as NOT menapores, so what do I do Iv told every kind of medical adviser, GPs, pyschatrist , pyscolgist you name it Iv told them I need something to stop me feeling so horrific / ( feeling) suicidal exspaecilly at menstral time, I know what's wrong I just can't get the help, catch up with you tomorrow, thanks for understanding it means So much x

  • Is that the rapper I saw on channel4 news? I thought how pretentious, calling yourself professor, but looking beyond that he had valid things to voice. I can't remember what but I do remember thinking something along those lines when I watched the interview.

    But yeah I agree with everything you said. I mean I have thought in the past a lot about the subject and wrestled with it.

    At the time you rationalise it and can't see any way out and it seems there is nothing that you can do that would resolve it but at that time you are in a depressive state maybe at times before you even realise it and so come to the conclusion that it is just you and the way you are. But yes it is a very negative cycle you get into that can be very difficult to get out of and only when you are feeling better do you realise that you weren't feeling well at the time and also able to see a way out or forward.

    Usually if I ever felt like that I would make consciouse efforts to hide it as much as I can I limit exposure to anyone especially people that are close to me so they wouldn't know what is going through my mind and so would isolate myself, not go out and close off all modes of communication, but now that in itself can alert people that there is something wrong.

    But usually I would be constantly debating the issue and not coming to a solution.

    So anyway my point is with me no one would know that is the way I was feeling as I would make conscious efforts so as no one would find out so they wouldn't worry or stop me at the time.

    But it is good that you are reaching for help as it shows even though you have felt like this you realise it's not the solution and there is light at the end of the tunnel

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