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Depersonalisation? Should I tell my therapist?

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So I get this thing not very often (when I’m alone and outside the house for example, by roads or walking by myself) but it got really bad yesterday. I was in town and very anxious to be in my own (GAD when leaving the house) and as I was walking I felt really weird like I was floating and couldn’t feel the ground under my feet (I could but it was like I was wearing 10 pillows under my feet and as I looked all I could think was don’t trip over and over again because I couldn’t feel the floor. I don’t remember walking 5 mins to the bathroom (even though I knew it was 5 mins walk from the shop I was outside to the toilets) it was almost like I was in auto pilot walking without thinking. When I got to the bathroom and stood up I couldn’t stay still I was swaying and stumbling all over the place I felt like I couldn’t breath normally (it wasn’t a panic attack didn’t have any other symptoms of a PA) went I went out of the stall someone tried to talk to me and I found it really hard to keep that convocation flowing I couldn’t think of the words to stay I kept on staying the same word over and over even though I mean another word. After that convo and putting freezing water on my hands I felt a bit better and more with it but it stayed like this almost the whole way round town. I’m not sure if this is something I should bring up but it was scary as f.

Yes I’ve posted this to the anxiety page but I feel like it should also go here

K x

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Of course you should tell your therapist! How can you expect them to help you if they don't know the full story.

Oh not having a go but foul language isn't allowed on here so I would be grateful if you could please edit out the f word. Thanks. x

Oh okay sorry will do

K x

Thank you. x

Yes you could bring this up. I am getting more and more convinced that in my case meds cause many of these feelings. They (meds) are not as harmless as we think they are (:

My mirtazapine made me psycho like mood swing sooooo bad, wanted to kill myself one minuet and then was hyper, agitated and anxious the next was very bizarre my mood are a little better but tbh still not great the same just wayyyyyy less exstream happy I’m off them now

K x

Wow, maybe you are having a reaction (delayed) to some medication? Yes, I would let your therapist know, right away, so that they can evaluate and maybe make adjustments...

Always a good idea, especially if these symptoms are new...I hope you get the guidance that you need! Blessings & keep us posted!

Sorry for the late reply, I’ve not been on any new meds for a new long time and I did talk to her about it she said that maybe using cold drinks, chillis or something ‘passively painful’ will bring me back into reality.

I've heard of that working...I hope that it did!

On my end, I finally finished a 3layer frosted cake, made Sunday, and today I am really paying for bloated. No one else to blame but myself. Worst part, still craving more cake. This is not good...I need to get to counseling. But, I hope you got some clarification, on your end!

Yh you too thank you

K x

Update: talked to my therapist and she said it was dissociation. I knew this already but it makes me feel better that I’m not going crazy

Any tips on where you go from here? Disassociation is a common problem, these days...I would LOVE to blame technology for a lot of it, but I'm pretty sure that's because I'm not good with computers...or, electrics.

Last week was kind of sad...Mom's been gone 4 years, now (hence, the cake making, I'm pretty sure). She wouldn't want me slogging along like this, but sometimes, Nature makes you take the walk.

In your case, though, kudos to you, for doing something proactive and getting answers! :>)

I’m sorry about your mum xx

I just have to work through my issues my therapist says that I do it to protect myself like zoning out my brain 🧠 just says ‘NOPE HAD ENOUGH’ and clocks out

K x

Yes, there is always a tipping zone, between the mind and emotions. I have a very bad habit of trying to solve emotional issues while working...eventually, I wind up just concentrating on the tasks, and I never get back to resolving anything. I know I need to get back to seeing a therapist, soon. You are doing everything the right way!

I know you say its not a panic attack but panic attacks can come in all sorts of ways it could be meds your on

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