Should I quit my job?

Hi, I am new here. First of all, excuse my bad English.

I have been wanting to quit my job for so long. Truthfully, I have never felt comfortable working where I work right now for various reasons. I've always thought this is just going to be a temp job, but the fact that I stay for 2 years is amazing. And lately I have been feeling super anxious. I wake up every morning wishing it's Sunday. I also started acting aloof at work. Everything somehow makes me annoyed. I just cannot help it. I honestly don't know if it symptoms of being depressed or not.

But I want to quit so bad, but I can't because I need to make sure I have another job before quitting. You see, I am not from a well-off family, so I cannot afford being unemployed for a long period of time. And I also don't want to worry my mother over my problem at work, she has enough burden to bear. However, at the same time, I feel like if I stay any longer I could be depressed.

Any kind of suggestions are welcome. Because I am not able to communicate it in real life.


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9 Replies

  • The following link is a good resource to use if you are unsure of your current mental health. It gives access to screenings (tests) for different mental heath issues. It does not replace the advice of a medical professional but it can help you see what type of questions they ask people who are depressed, anxious, etc. and the results you have from those questions.

    I hope this helps! If you have any other questions, feel free to ask.

  • Thank you so much.

  • Just tried that link apparently I have severe anxiety & severe depression.

  • Have a chat with your doctor before you decide good luck x

  • Hello Chocoro, I usually don't reply to posts on here but felt I had to in this case. In Feb 2016 I was diagnosed with severe depression and anxiety, I had no idea where it came from or when I first started feeling the symptoms of this illness but as far as I was concerned I thought life was okay. Compared to others, it was you know, pretty normal. Even work I thought was okay. Anyway to cut a long story short, I've been on a treatment of 100mg Sertraline since then and have completed an initial round of CBT which has given me a lot of clarity and perspective. Almost a year later and I am doing really well. Well enough that I have reviewed my life in its entirety and found that every single aspect of my life is perfect with the exception of work and now with a clear head, I can admit I actually hate it. There is no specific thing or person which has caused me to feel this way but I know that being there makes me unhappy. What has been key however is the support from my husband, GP and CBT adviser and with that support I am now in a position where I have done something about it and have submitted my application to leave my job of 10 plus years. And this decision alone has brought immense relief and happiness and although I haven't left yet I can see that there's more out there for me to explore. For instance in my efforts in getting better I started going to the gym and have literally fallen in love. So much so I am now looking to enroll in a personal fitness course so that I could become a personal trainer...complete u-turn as I've spent all of my work life sitting behind a desk pushing paper and although I have no idea whether this is gonna work I am just so excited and can't wait for my last day walking out of the office and beginning something completely out of the norm.

    Firstly though I would urge you to have a chat with your GP and fingers crossed you have as an amazing GP as I have and that's your starting point. I hope all goes well and I can't wait to see your update that your circumstances have changed. Big hugs

  • I probably should have mentioned that I quited my current job once, even though it was only for one single day (I had to go back because my boss persuaded me to). I was a bit relief that day, it's like having freed from a heavy burden or sth. Even now, I am still thinking "why didn't I quit for good?"

    That's exactly how I feel. I work for more than 8 hours behind a desk from Monday to Saturday, and by Sunday I am too exhausted to do anything else, even just to hangout with friends (although I am dying to have fresh air). I envy my friends who have so much free time to do other stuff. Like you, I also want to join gym membership but I can't because really I don't have time for those kind of stuff.

    Thank you so much for your encouragement and well wishes I appreciate it so much. XO

  • Hi there now before you quit your job you really need to think very clearly about this, my advice is not like other advice so you may not like it.

    A few questions - being anxious at times is normal and plenty of people are not so crazy in love with their jobs.

    Do you have a good qualification or a University Degree to enable you to get a better job?

    Also the next job will ask why you left and you can't then say " because I was too anxious on Sundays"

    Do you have enough money saved up to allow you to survive with working for a few months?

    I can't see that talking to a Dr. Would help as you know the reason, what work are you in now? Maybe start studying at night to better yourself etc and also 2 yrs is not a long time.

    People work because they want to feel satisfied and fulfilled and they don't want to be depending on the state for benefits. I'm not sure which country your in, but here In Ireland or U. K it would seem strange to quit a job for the reasons you mention.

    You need t resolve any problems now or no matter what job you get you will have the same problems. I'm not sure what age you are either, you sound young to me!

    But my advice is quitting your job is temporarily going to give you relief, long term it could GiVe you a bigger problem.


  • Hi, thank you so much for your advices.

    Well, I graduated from University with more than 3.50 GPA (scale of 4.00). Admittedly, It is rather hard to get good job at high end companies when you don't have an insiders/relatives working at the said company here where I live.

    You see, one of my colleague constantly touches me. Not exactly in an inappropriate places but still I don't thing it's right and it is definitely makes me uncomfortable. I am constantly worried when he's near me. I am always freaked out when he does this. But it seems my other colleagues think it is nothing unusual and it's not something I should be freaked out about. This is a good enough reasons to quit I think, because it's almost sexual harassment, isn't it? But bringing this issue up will not make me comfortable with the other colleagues, because as I said this is deemed not to be that big a deal for them. I have never told my family about this treatment, because where I live talking about this kind of stuff is deemed taboo and tend to be sth one keeps secret. I only ever told my close friends about this.

    I'd love to take temp leave but I am not allowed to take leave unless for some real urgent stuff. Sometimes my boss even complains when we took days off when we're sick or having family issues.

  • I'd go see a doctor & talk to them about how you are feeling before I do anything. But if you hate your job that much then maybe you should start looking for a new one as that could be making you depressed.

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