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I need something tell me what happened to me.

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Ok So This is my Story:


I was at a party drinking and smokeing cannabis all was great and fun was really a good time.

leater in the night i geting home and roll ander joint and everything was fine noting weird.

After some time i was needd to go to the bathroom to pie i am start to pie and than i am filling litle bit unconscious

very waird filing like someone crash your face and reality was start buzzing and so bright so i stop and sit down to clam my self but didnt work so i get up and go to drink some some water i took a sip of water and THEN I remember sitting on the floor and then lay down and started shaking it feals like i twitches but I felt everything after that I woke up with headache and still feel a vibration in my head I thought told myself I've have must to got up to sleep but nearly couldn't get up It felt like hall, but luckily I arrived and once slept on the bed.

after that

all was much more calm and normal.

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My best guess, and that's all it is, a guess. You had too much to drink,or to much to smoke, or both. the other possibility is you got some bad weed. These little episodes can revisit even if you stop drinking and smoking. Pam

My advice: Always have someone with you when you're smoking and/or drinking. Just in case this type of stuff happens, it's good to have a second pair of eyes and brain to think when the other can't. Puts you at a higher risk for a lot when you're alone. Be safe.

Sounds like you had a whitey off the weed .. It is not good to mix alcohol and cannabis as they interact each other .. Use one or the other or even better lash them both out of your life .. They are demons. Easier said than done, but, with determination one can do anything. I don't use either anymore .. I am clean :) and oh boy life is so much easier without mind altering substances including prescription drugs

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mysmugcat in reply to Satsuma

This is awesome.

Well done Satsuma, all of you have given sound advice. If you have to smoke or drink please have some one with you who is sensible and will look out for you.

Having smoked a bit of cannibis in my youth this is a sign of overdose. Especially drinking as well. My advice is to take it easier next time.

Hi may I also suggest the Talk To Frank online help and phone line, Google please. It gives great advice on drugs and alcohol.

Thank you all for anything ! , I think it was because I didnt drank water all day and settle in alcohol as fluid.

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