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Prozac - ups and downs - What next?

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I've been on Prozac a number of years now and 80% of the time, I couldn't ask for more from an antidepressant. However that 20% is dyer. My brain turns into a completely different "person".

The 20% of the time I can manage using various different techniques etc.

My problem / question is - these "blips / bad days" are becoming increasingly more often. A bad patch once or twice every few months to now happening on a weekly basis. So have I (unfortunately) "out grown" this medication? I can't go any higher, already take 4 per day.

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So sorry it seems to have stopped doing it's job. I tried it a few years ago and didn't like it from the start. I'm quite naturally a gobby person but I found I was getting aggressive with it. I also started having strange thoughts like I'd be standing waiting to cross a road and suddenly think 'I wonder what would happen if I stepped in front of this bus?' Back to docs quick smart to change meds (yet again). Taking Sertraline again now. Not perfect but takes the edge off. Hope you can get yourself sorted. Life is bad enough just dealing with the paun without mental health issues as well. Gentle hugs x

Thank you for your reply! If this is the tablet stopping working, I'll be gutted. Its worked the best over the years with the least side effects.

Unsure of what I'd even be able to change to as had tried various in the past (citalopram, escitalopram, sertraline, amitriptyline & mirtazapine)

It's so disheartening. I was changed to duloxetine which is an antiD but helps with pain too. I got to the highest dose and then it wasn't doing the head job. Could it be something else has cropped up and flipped things temporarily? Go back to docs and see whether they can shed some light. All I know is that we deserve some quality of life and if it means being a pain in the butt to the doc then sobeit ! Hope you can sort it out sooooooon x

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