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Removal of recent posts

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We understand that many of our members find religious faith a great support in their mental health struggles. In moderation, posts on this topic are allowed. However, the community moderators reserve the right to remove posts that may provoke unrest in the community, which we have done on this occasion with two posts by a new member.

Please remember that if you are unhappy with something in the community, you are also able to report it, and shouldn’t respond to the comment as it can inflame the situation and make it worse.

Many thanks for your understanding.

MAS Nurse and Moderator

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I mentioned putting up a Nativity in an earlier post,

That sort of comment should not affect site should it ?


not everyone is a Christian, some are Jews, Buddhists, Hindu, Agnostic....and to be fair to everyone....leave the politics and religion to pm's or other sites that promote religion or politics.

No BOB that'll be fine.:-)

MAS Nurse

I don't know if I have ever posted an 'offending' comment. I may have. I have a deep faith in God, and may have said something.

I don't mind if people of other religions express their faith. If one looks into the basic principle of each religion, it will be found that all share a common thread. The differences come in from the additions of mankind.

Anyway, i find myself feeling a little offended by not being able to express my beliefs in God. I am not trying to convert anyone. That is an individual decision. God is part of my life. He is who I am today. How can I post without mentioning Him sometimes?

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fauxartist in reply to Krazie

do you feel that by others posting prayers and preaching and posting verse is those of us who are not of your faith....and then when one faith snowballs over all others on a site....if you are a Jew.... and had been stigmatized .... that can be hurtful as well. Consider how others from other faiths can feel left out or isolated from a site because one religion is favored over all others before you feel offended.....just food for thought.

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Krazie in reply to fauxartist

Well, preaching about and talking about personal feelings are not the same. But, i get your point, fauxartist.

Did you know that Jesus was a Jew? Did you know that Christianity, Judaism, and the Islamic religions all stem from the same source? It could be said to be branches from the same tree. All believe in God.

I fail to see how my personal feelings could be hurtful to someone. I do see how attacking/ridiculing another's faith could/would be hurtful. Something I would never do.

From the posts you have made, I gather that you are an atheist. That is your choice. I would never try to persuade you to think differently. I suppose I could post verses aimed at conversion. I wouldn't do that either, nor expound, nor post prayers. Though I may ask believers to pray for me.

You have made valuable contributions with your posts many times, and I always like to read them. I believe that atheists can be and are very good people, who do good works all the time. I believe you to be a good person. How can I tell? From the messages you have posted - tells me that you like to help people.

I also believe you to be a very sensitive person. I would never knowingly hurt you. I wish only to support you and offer comfort whenever possible. We have all suffered through unimaginable traumas in our lives. We know what it is like to be isolated, left out, and even ridiculed, disbelieved, and disregarded. This is a website that offers solace, and a sort of balm for our wounds. I would never try to take away from that. I, too, come here because even though my wounds have healed, I still have deep scarring. I receive comfort and even energy from this website. Partly from you, too, fauxartist.

Let's be friends and respect each others differences. Okay? We have much more in common than we do in differences.

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fauxartist in reply to Krazie

yes.... I did know that....and so were all the's interesting really that Judism, Christianity, and the faiths of Islam all believed in Abraham...ergo they are called Abrahamic religions. All believe in many of the same historical figures, and then there is Zoroastrianism... its really a shame so many have divided over text and verse when all really are based on love. Wars start with words, and the inability to accept others with un-conditional love.

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Krazie in reply to fauxartist

I agree that is a shame that people cannot accept differences better than they have so far. But i also believe that the tide is turning in a lot of respects, including acceptance. There seems to be a universal change taking place that enables more people around the world to view each other as simply human - all part of the same origin. As always, it is the few who cause the greatest trouble. Then there are governments (?) who incite wars and send off their country's young, to do their dirty work for nefarious purposes. I think the hearts of mankind have progressed to the point where there would be more acceptance, if left alone.

Hi just a message to say that I posted a reply last night to "Disappointmentchild".? I logged on this morning to see how this person is getting on and noticed that my post from last night does not appear to be there and I was sent no message to say it had been removed or why?? I have had a couple of posts removed before because, on reflection, they were inappropriate and I apologise for this, but I am at a loss as to why I cannot see my reply to a post from last night. Can you shine any light on this Mas Nurse..? (I am starting to wonder if I DID send it or was I just imagining I had done so.... although Im sure I did).

Many thanks


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