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Use of Inappropriate Language


Hi all,

We would like to remind all our users that we do not allow the use of bad language in any communities on HealthUnlocked.

We recognise that some people find using swear words a useful to portray their emotions, however, our User T&CS's state that "contributions must not: contain any material that is obscene or offensive". There is a large volume of users on the site from a variety of different backgrounds, all of whom have different levels of tolerance towards offensive language.

Communities need to remain safe spaces for the diverse membership while also balancing freedom of expression. For this reason, posts containing language that may be offensive to other users will have that language edited out, or blacked out through the use of asterisks. This allows users to portray their emotions and retain their choice of wording while avoiding offence to others who are reading. A post will only be deleted entirely if it contains bad language that is directed towards another person.

Best wishes,

HU Support Team

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Hi Rosette,

Thanks for your reply.

We have a great team of admins and volunteer ambassadors who work together to monitor this community and provide support. The HU Support Team also respond to reports to ensure the community is being monitored as regularly as possible.

Unfortunately, providing 24/7 monitoring of this community would require an incredibly large pool of resources. The community guidelines state "Moderation occurs after posting and primarily between the hours of [9 AM and 5 PM GMT Monday through Friday]".

We appreciate your concerns with ensuring all users and posts are monitored. Please do report anything you are worried about and we will respond to the report as soon as possible.

Best wishes,



Hi Rosette I am an Ambassador on the site and I am on here quite a lot especially evenings and weekends. I report anything I think the admins should be aware of, but I don't have the power to remove or edit anything.

If I see an underage user I will put a reply to them (so others don't start giving them advice) very nicely just saying I am sorry they are underage and refer them to the pinned post (which used to be there with a link to a more appropriate site for minors. It seems to have gone now so I will have to direct them to the pinned community guidelines and to go into blah blah to find it).

However I find people then will start arguing with me and the odd one will get quite nasty. They still give out advice as well, so I don't know how to handle those in future. I am obviously here for my own needs too and find this difficult to deal with. I think we do need more admins on here. It's not that I think the site should be moderated every second, but I think someone checking in every couple of hours to ensure everything is ok is essential.

At the moment things that disrupt the site or break the rules can be left for many hours. Not in any way criticising our admins as we have to remember they are all volunteers who freely give of their own time to keep this site a good place for us. x

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Lilaclil I'm feeling better now so I will be on site more to help out with ambassador stuff. Sorry, you've been left alone with it all.

I fully support your response.

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Thank you DMM218. Wasn't having a go at you chuck at all as I know you have been poorly. It could be me next time.

Will pm you. xx

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Always around


Yes well I'm sure I feel a whole lot better knowing that my b***** language and how I express myself is being monitored by the Fluffy people in lah lah land.


one persons mild expression of annoyance is another's bad language.. Offense is not something that can be given only taken.


It's not Fluffy people in lah lah land coolpolitealex but HU's rules. We agree to these when we sign up and if the site doesn't abide by them it will be kicked off. This has happened before. If you don't agree with them then you need to contact them.

You have to remember too that this site is for everyone regardless of age, creed, colour, background and what might be acceptable to you is not neccessarily to others. HU have to think of the majority and not the minority.

The forum has to be a welcoming safe place for everyone hasn't it? I would not walk into a roomful of strangers and acquaintances and start using foul language as I think that is rude and disrespectful. It's no different on here. You might but like I said we are all different. Many think like me on here and find it offensive. Some don't but this is the same in life isn't it? We all have to compromise to get along with others.

I know youngsters tend to think differently these days and I am not knocking it at all but surely the rest of us are equally entitled to be here and not have to read f this and c that?

There are lots of other sites especially on fb where you can say and do what you like. I stay away from those - my choice. Take care.

Can someone that was dignost with PTSD can they also later on became dignost with Bipolar Disorder on top of the PTSD.

Yes. 100% possible. All mental illness’s usually have a “cousin” diagnosis. It’s so very complex and takes time to understand. Check out:

Sorry I realised in my rant my mistakes I Will think and look over future Posts before I post them

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