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Removal of recent post

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Hi folks,

I am posting this because we regretfully had to remove a recent post that implied the need for professional or medical help. Although an incredible level of support and advice exists in this community it is anonymous, online and not professional in nature. In a critical situation anonymous, online advice carries the risk of misjudgement and harm, however well-intentioned. We have to stick to our rule of taking down this type of post for safety's sake.

We have contacted the member with advice and contact details for services that can provide the appropriate level of advice to get through their situation. From the bottom of our heart, we wish them well from the whole community and hope that they can get through this situation as quickly as possible.

Best wishes,

MAS Nurse

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I was going to answer How does this post make you feel, but those little faces are too simplified . While I appreciate your guidance and support MAS Nurse and I truly do, I find the rules confusing . I haven't misused them as far as I know but it makes me nervous sometimes. Often I will answer someone and then delete the whole thing. My biggest concern regards Doctors and medications. I wonder if this keeps others from responding to posts ? Pam

Hi Pam, I know I haven't been around lately (work) but I've always found your posts/responses to be grounded, caring & oozing common sense & understanding. Think carefully before deleting that post - it may well contain just the words we need!

FB. 🇮🇪

It has been awhile. I hope you've been well. Thank you for the kind words. I always like to hear from you. I will reconsider before I delete. Pam

Hi Pam; Have missed chatting with you. Haven't had a good time lately. Had seizure & fell down flight of stairs breaking my wrist. Made a good job of it as its a complicated break. BW, FB 🇮🇪

I understand your concern Mas nurse but what I was looking for was strictly relationship advice and nothing else. As far as my suicidal thoughts and attempts that was already getting taken care of by professionals. I have only been on this site 3 days how am I supposed to know every rule yet because I don't. How am I supposed to know to post "TRIGGER WARNING" So far the people that have responded to previous posts I put up have really helped me. Nobody was asking for advice on medications. Nobody was asking the public should i or should I not end my life. I was simply asking for relationship advice during a difficult time and hoping that someone that might have been through a similar situation could lend me support or just a listening ear. I am confused and actually angry. Your sites are here for people to vent the worst frustrations and difficulties in an anonymous matter but then when I do that my post is removed. I am very disappointed in this site. Thank you for making a difficult situation even worse.

You stated in your introduction to me several days ago when I first signed up on this site that the main purpose of this site is to "offer support to those that have lost hope" but then you turn around and remove a post of someone looking for support that has lost hope. Makes no sense....

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MAS_Nurse in reply to Val1030

Hi Val

We sent you a private message this morning offering support and advice, and explaining the reasons for taking this action. Please check your messages.

Best wishes,

MAS Nurse

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Val1030 in reply to MAS_Nurse

I did check my messages! That is why I responded to you with what I did. All you needed to say to me was could I please edit the post or from this point on post with the words "TRIGGER WARNING" . Instead you removed the entire post and reported it. I am reading plenty of posts on here that are far worse than what I wrote about in my post and they are still up and active. The only difference is those people wrote "TRIGGER WARNING" . CIearly If I knew I had to write "TRIGGER WARNING " on my post I would have done that. I have only been on this site 48 hours and know nothing about the rules and regulations. I'm sorry but you made a very bad first impression. This site is for support not removing and reporting new people that are clueless to the rules and just need someone to hear them out. CASED CLOSED!

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borderriever in reply to Val1030

Hello Val

If you need a personal chat with someone you may PM may be beneficial in some instances.

Relax many get picked up every now and then.


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Val1030 in reply to borderriever

Thank you Bob for your support! I am new to this site and don't know how it works yet...

I didn't see the post but I can sympathise with you; Yes they could have just told you to put **trigger warning ** on it. Though as I say I didn't see your post so I can't be sure and am in no way wishing to be disrepectful to MAS nurse by my comments . I can see both sides but i know that I frequently feel S.... which is how I refer to it mainly on here. but it's difficult for everyone. I usually put trigger warning too.

I hope you can continue to use the site and gain support from here .

Sending hugs. Gemma xx

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Val1030 in reply to Stilltrying_

Thank you for your support and reply I really appreciate it. I have only been on this site 2 days so I know nothing about it. Nobody ever said anything to me in any private message or reply when I first signed up about not being allowed to post about anything with the word S****** without writing trigger warning. I feel this could have been handled way differently. I could have at least been warned first! Anyway unfortunately I am extremely turned off now. I hope though that you can continue to get great support from the people on here. The answers I got so far on the things I did post were very comforting. There's a lot of great people on here. Best wishes


What is Trigger Warning ???

PM me if needed


Hi Bob, *Trigger warning* is something that is advised to put in the title of a post if you are going to write about something which is very "triggering" to others. eg. if you are talking about self harm or anorexia or suicide, This is something to make it clear to readers that they may be reading extremely disturbing material.

My last two posts I put a "trigger warning" on the title so as not to distress people who inadvertently read all through it and then realised it was too distressing for them. Hope I've explained this ok?

Hope you and Hazel and Pax are all ok Bob. xx

Hello Gemma

Thanks for that, I now have a better idea

The three of us here are fine. Pax is down by my feet at the moment, He is a ton weight when He lies across the feet. He has been chirpy today one of His Enemies has moved out to somewhere new. Pax now is back on His walking routes that we had stopped

How are you getting on now, I hope you feel a great deal better than before. Bit concerned regards your Scripts


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Val1030 in reply to Stilltrying_

Thank you Gemma for explaining to us!

Mas Nurse

Had I done anything wrong or someone else


How does one know if something might trigger another person? Sometimes, I don't even know for myself?


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Zoea in reply to Krazie

this is kind of the point yes. I suppose it could be more important not to trigger someone rather than someone else? So no one has any idea really?

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Val1030 in reply to Krazie

Exactly I agree with you 100%. Especially since I'm new to the site how am I supposed to know also.

Utmost confidence in ability of MAS_Nurse to police & offer appropriate advice on the site. Many thanks for all your hard work. 🇮🇪

I agree with Finglas-Boy, Mas-Nurse does a wonderful job. She is so supportive and is doing her job. So take her advice and use your energy in a more productive manner Some of you might remember how often I use to get banned from posting for weeks at a time. I finally figured out I'd rather be helpful than harmful. Pam

Please help me to understand what might trigger another person. I really would like to stay away from that. Thanks....

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sweetiepye in reply to Krazie

Are you afraid you'll be triggered or that you will trigger someone else ? If you are easily influenced don't read anything with a trigger warning it will contain thoughts on harming oneself , desperation for relief , being abused and so forth. It is not easy for anyone to read and answer this type of post. Sometimes I need to take time off from it and come back when I'm feeling stronger. For me it's a way of giving back and there is an understanding with fellow sufferers that you won't find anywhere else. So you do what you can and that will be enough. Pam

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Krazie in reply to sweetiepye

Thanks for your reply, sweetiepye. I was thinking more of typing in comments that might trigger some else.

Reading comments made by others might make me feel sad for what they experienced. But it doesn't trigger anything. Even if their experience was similar to mine. My triggers seem to be more related to what is actually happening around me: like yelling, harsh tones, sudden movements, seeing something that unexpectedly reminds me, etc. The feeling washes over me like a bucket of ice water. I go into temporary shock. Other times, I don't know what started the anxiety. This type of anxiety is longer lasting, and likely to cause full body tremors, a need to get away from people, and hyperventilating. Then there is the never ending tense feeling that something terrible is about to happen. All caused by childhood trauma. I hate that my abuser, to this day, still has this much power and control over my life.

Should I put Trigger Warning on my post?

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sweetiepye in reply to Krazie

No trigger warning needed. I think you would have to be more specific. You could go back to read old post and see what people put trigger warnings on.

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Krazie in reply to sweetiepye

Thanks. I will do that.

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