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Never give up

Hi there, I just thought I would share my story with you and what I went through which I call my mental torture, as my surgeon said you were labelled with something you didn't have and no one listened to you ,I had been in and out of hosp for years but it came to a head in 2011 after problems with bladder and bowel and they thought I might have cancer because biopsies came back abnormal but thank god it wasn't they just didn't know what was wrong so I put things on hold and did my homework sometimes it can be a bad thing but what had I to lose , I at last after nearly 20 yrs had got a result proper diagnosis and the hell I went through mental torture and left disabled because no one listened it's easy to say sorry after but it is to late the mental scars it's left as made me stronger never doubt yourself x

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Longsider Welcome

You seem to have sorted your problem out, it takes great strength, especially if you have been ill and you have not had anyone to give you support.

I have been ill now for about thirty odd years and when this happens people are unable to give us a break and at least talk to us and give support.

In my case I found my family were really lacking, they were really inconsiderate regards my health concerns and now I feel if they had shown understanding My Life and outlook would have been that more positive and easier to handle.


God Bless xXx ♡

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