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I have been doing so well and it is just infuriating when you are trying your best and at the times you need help all you get is blockers in your way.

I have lived in Scotland all my life and worked part time jobs while at school and pretty much all my years since I left school.

Then I had my breakdown. Had problems getting job seekers allowance then, took my making fool of myself in the Jobcentre having spent my last £5 at the time to get the bus to the town where the office is to be told there was nothing they could do to help. I told them to forget it, I could have used that £5 for food rather than making that trip and at least had another week or 2 to try and get things sorted out, but they'd just taken my last hope from me.

Anyway I have just found a more horrendous system. Universal credits, I have been trying for months now to get that stupid system to verify my ID and give me an appointment. I finally get a phone number to call to make an appointment and all they've done is refer me back to the Universal credits website. I asked if they could do the process with me on the phone and was told no.

All the hard work i have done to get my health back gone in a few minutes. All the old horrible feelings and urges are back.

So so gutted right now.

Sorry I needed to vent and now I need to go and try all my techniques to see if I can find any energy and reason to keep fighting because right now I don't feel that my struggles are paying off.

I need to go and sleep now as I have been hit with a migraine and can feel my vision going. I will be in touch when it has passed.

If admin pulls this post for being too triggering that is fine. I just needed to get this out there before I go and sleep and I truly don't want to trigger anyone else issues.

Sorry again if this has upset anyone. I just needed to get it out there and screaming in my home has already been done.

Universal Credits System, designed to cause more issues that it solves in my opinion.

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Yes the benefit system can be extremely distressing and can definately push people close to the edge. I don't think your post was too triggering, not for me anyway. I understand all those feelings. I've had to apply for ESA and had to go to tribunal. I am already on the edge all the time and I remember how awfully stressful all of that was and I will have to go through it all again in a few years time when they reassess me; so I'm sure there will be many of us on here who understand! Gemma x

Hi I am so sorry that UC is causing you to have such a bad experience. I have heard lots of bad things about it such as the Govt. haven't thought it through properly and staff haven't been properly trained to use it. It was trialed at first in a few areas so the bugs could be ironed out but it doesn't seem as though that has happened. I think they have committed with it as it is. I am so grateful I am too old now to be subject to this but the old system was bad enough.

Can't you claim sickness benefit instead? I know you can claim that under the UC system. It would far better for you and give you a break from this nightmare. x

Hi there, don't worry your post will not be taken down by me, your feelings and frustrations are completely understandable. I wish there was an effective solution or answer I could give to help you, but I know from personal experience how frustrating the UK Benefits system is, and that there is no parity even in different parts of the UK. Just know that we are here for each other, to listen, to support and when appropriate, to advise.

Go and get your sleep, I know how migraines can be crippling. Then try some relaxation techniques to try and calm down and refocus. Do you have any friends or family who could help you a bit financially? Have you tried speaking the Citizens Advice Burea about your situation?

Keep in touch and stay safe.

Best wishes,

MAS Nurse

Hello I do not know what to suggest, with DWP etc you are in the hands of the Gods.

PiP can be complex as well when disabled, all I know with that is the benefit ends when you reach sixty four and after that period a tranche of other payments come into force.

You can as suggested by MS Nurse have words with CAB they can assist in various other payments. You could also try Social Services, if I remember their used to be a Social Fund to help your through an uncertain period.

If you are struggling with food there are many food centres that may help you

Let us know how you get on


There is no social fund now Bob well not in the sense you mean it. It is possible to get a loan or a hardship payment but I think you have to be actually on benefits to get the former and the latter is very little. Under the UC system there is a 4 week waiting period before you qualify for any benefits. It used to be 6 weeks but after a lot of pressure from interest groups they brought it down to 4.

All this is more hassle though 20D and it's the last thing you need right now. Take care and please don't give them the satisfaction of giving up. x

Yes I am a little out of date with payments now, all I know is I get my pension in the bank and never see it. Now it seems it is out as quick as it was put in.

I may be wrong if people are over sixty for the PIP payment is withdrawn and there are a further two payments you can apply for. I am dammed if I can remember what they are called, although I feel they may be to do with disability. However I bow to your knowledge especially if the person is unemployed


If you were 65 in April 2013 you would apply for Attendance Allowance. If younger than this you would need to apply for PIP. There is no mobility element in it for pensioners but only care.

If you were already receiving DLA before you got your state pension then this would continue. x

god what a cluster of crap your trying to sort through just to get help, I'm so sorry your having to go through all that...it's even worse in the states....they have absolutely nothing.....as bad and I mean really bad as yours sounds I can't understand what the heck is going on. Are they trying to turn Englands health care into the non-existent health care that they have in the US. From what I've seen on TV, and the horrific waiting lists...I just don't understand why this has to be. 50% of the US budjet is on military spending, 1 Million dollars for one missile would go far in health care for the poor. People have to vote in England and well as the US....put people in that are going to fight to change the health care systems. Find advocates for people like yourself to do the fighting for you as it's what has you back in trouble...it's an oxymoron to put someone suffering with emotional health issues through hell to get help.

Hazel you can't give up, you're not allowed to do that, look how far you've come, take some time to recharge do some breathing exercises try and calm your mind so you can figure out your next move. You're a strong woman and giving up IS NOT AN OPTION HAZEL

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Thank you, I am far too stubborn at times to give up. Still recovering from migraine, but I am picking myself up again. Thank you for your message. XX

Old thread I know, but, incase others need to know.

UC sucks big time!!! Even if you are moved to it from another benfit it takes ages to get paid ,there is no extra if your disabled, it doesn't cover anything, rent or council tax is supposed to be paid out of it but they don't pay you enough UC to do it. ALL disabled people have to Prove they are looking for work EVERY day, even if you have no chance of ever finding work! Council will not give any leway what so ever, as they no longer pay themselves rent, so expect to be made homeless at any time. Private landlords, which is the majority, can increase their rent when ever they desire, but UC is no longer linked to real rents but rather the lower 20%, or rather a percentage of the lower 20%, so if the rents.....£100 you will get £15 to pay it! This is in a area where the actual avarage rent ( 50% price range) is £200..... In Brixton there was a match on the town hall because a private landlord increased his tenents rent by £100 overnight, and the DWP was 8weeks late paying out UC, so the landlord evicted everyone!

Social funds..... Up to 3 applications a year can be applied for. Single man. £350 maximum. Interest is applied to loan. An amount THEY decide is taken out of your benefits BEFORE you receive it. Mine they decided to take out 12% per week!

UC is terrible. Makes NO distinction about who you are or what is wrong. That is done by a beurocrate NOT a medically trained proffesional! And it does not cover reality of the costs of existance. Food bank trips will be needed. And there are NO places to live. I may be mistaken of coarse, and perhaps the government is not trying to kill off it's disabled and poor ,who knows?

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