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Anxiety / depression

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For 6 months my life has been crippled with anxiety it got to a stage where I couldn’t leave my front door without my heart racing as though it will stop or I will have a heart attack.

With each symptom I got with a panic attack I panic that this means I have something wrong with me.

To make me feel better I have to seek a lot of reassurance which meant I was going to the doctors everyday of the week!

Suffering for so long makes you so depressed, like why me? Why can’t i be normal? Why can’t I do the same as other people? And you become trapped in the same thoughts the same routine!

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Casper you are NEVER alone with this illness. I know sometimes it can feel so lonely and so unfair. We are in this together! There will never be the perfect advice or cure; but it is manageable 💪🏼

We have a strong fight in us and “so called normal people” could never deal with this.

Be proud of what you do to fight it. We’re all here for you. Sending you hugs today 🤗🤗🤗

I wish you well Maria thank you ☺️


Hi Casper,

I know your feelings well. For two years I lived in my bedroom and didn't leave my house. I suffer from anxiety and panic attacks too. You are going out to the doctor. Did the doctor give you meds for your anxiety? This is good. I wouldn't even go to the doctor. You are able to leave the house. If you can go to the doctor's office you can go other places. I have found that I will have anxiety no matter what. I will have panic attacks no matter what. I need to learn to live with them and do several things that help me. I do a lot of deep breathing, mediation and journaling and these tools help.

Recently, I was invited to a party. I accepted the invitation. When it came time to go I didn't want to go, my anxiety started and the anxiety attack came. I wanted to call and cancel but I didn't. I told myself that if I wasn't comfortable when I got there I could leave...which was true. I threw up before I left my house to go the party but I went anyway. The more I push through my fear the stronger I become. It's so hard to do this but it's worth it. Also, a lot of my fears are unfounded. I wasn't comfortable at the party at first but there were times I did relax a little, all I could think of was when can I leave to go home. If there is a next time, I will know what to expect and maybe I won't be not be so anxious. I tell you this because I was where you are isolating myself in my house. It's very depressing. Small steps help. Try to do something small each day. Maybe go to your mailbox outside or go for a drive around the block, go to a park and be in nature, sit in your back yard....

It took me weeks to drive again after two years. Each time I got in my car the attack came. I sat in my car the first day then went back inside. I did for many days, just sitting there. One day I got into my car and and there was no attack. I still had some anxiety but no attack. Then I turned on the car. Yes, the attack came. I went back inside my house. I did this for many more days until the attacks stopped. Once they did I finally took the car out and drove. It was a long slow process, but I am driving again. If I give into the fear and anxiety I'd still be living in my bedroom and I that is not the life I want. I don't think you do either.

I wish you the best. If you need to talk please, pm me.

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Casper007 in reply to Valorrian

Thank you valorrian I am new to this and instantly getting advice is so helpful.

My doctor put me on propranolol that helps me not to get the adrenaline rush but I do still get all the other symptoms and thoughts...

And I’m glad you’re figuring out your own techniques and sharing them that helps a lot ☺️

Casper you are not unusual, this sort of problem is quite normal when not at your panic best. If you needed to see your GP He would have explained coping techniques. Breathing exercises or techniques can help you take control of this problem. You can also try MINDFULNESS Relaxation Technique, hopefully you will learn how to control your panic attacks.. You could also try extending the time period ever time you go out, in this way hopefully you will gain confidence and move on

Also consider the reasons why you feel the way you do, Did you associate the problem to something happening to you in the past, if you can address these problems, you will be able to move on in a more beneficial way


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