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Am I actually over dramatic or is that just what I think of myself?

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I cry over what could be really idiotic reasons. I tend to try to hide it when I end up sobbing in class, but someone usually notices.

For instance, today I was helping a friend with their homework, but when we were grading it in class, I realized I told my friend the wrong thing on accident. They got about 6 or so questions wrong. I had assumed they knew what to do after I gave them some assistance since it was pretty simple, but they didn’t do it. They got stressed out about their grade, and then I ended up crying (while trying to hide the fact that I was) because I felt like they hated me a lot.

They later asked me why I was crying (after being able to tell from my shaky voice), and kept asking me. I later said that I thought they were furious at me, but they weren’t furious at all.

At the end of the day, I tend to think about what happened during the day, and think negatively about myself, or what I could’ve done to prevent the situation.

No one in real life has told me I am overdramatic, but I always feel like that no matter what I do.

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Awwww it means you’re a compassionate and sensitive person. And crying is okay. It’s good to release those tears. People say it’s a bad thing to be overly sensitive but I think it’s a gift. You’re a good person. You put others before you. But it’s ok to put yourself first sometimes. Remember that. Being sensitive and empathetic towards others is rare in this cruel world. You’re very special. Just helping your friend with the test was nice. You’re a good friend.

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nothing to add other than it's better to ignore the world and the concept and word World (Intel DIDNT).

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I have no idea what you mean

There is actually a term known as HSP. ( Highly Sensitive Person). I stumbled on this many years ago and bought a book on it. I answered yes to mostly all of the questions! Sounds like you are one too. There are probably online tests to determine if you are one or not. People who arent like us, do not understand us. Good luck to you!

Hi you must have a school counsellor so why not make an appointment to see them to discuss this. It's difficult to be able to advise you without knowing your age. How old are you please? x

I prefer not to reveal my exact age, but I have not graduated from high school.

There are conditions especially when young that come across where the person is highly sensitized to life in general terms. You mention school and you have not graduated yet.

How old are you ? We are explained good reasons why we need to know your age if we feel you are under sixteen


I just can't cry - there are reasons I should but I think I am a better person and can deal with anything, everything will work out. This has worked out true I am now living with hope and dream/plans for the future instead of being stuck.

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