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I'm only getting child Tax credit, now I'm getting help from one can to feed my family of 6😢I hate depending on others and want to get better but I can't claim PIP or ESA I've tried so hard to get a job but anxiety holds me back, my partner said I need to go to a mental hospital and that I'm sick, my sister said these exact same words to me a few years ago.... now it's messing with my head even more and I don't no what to do..... my mental health is so bad atm

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Hi I presume you have tried to claim both ESA and PIP? Why were you turned down do you know? x

It took me a couple of attempts to get PIP for mental health but I get it now. ESA you should be able to claim regardless if you are not working. ESA is split into 2 groups Support Group or Work Related Activity Group, it is all worked out after an assessment, which I am presuming you have gone through in the past. You can get help via Citizens Advise to complete the forms and there is a lot of help on line

Dont give up x

Having no more kids may be an option as it must be very stressful trying to cope? You need to get assessed to see if your sister is correct? Try find a counselor some of the ones at Catholic Family Services are good and NO it's nothing to do with religion you can pay as little as $5 per hour session.


PIP is based on a points system and this is set very high so it can be difficult sometimes if they feel your condition does not warrant upwards seventeen points ?

I am pleased you have passed PIP, do you know what frequency they will need see you


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