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Severe deppression


I feel so lost,I feel everything I do or try always ends up the same,each day I wake up is a struggle,all that goes through my mind is to end my life,I can't see anything getting any better jus worser and it's me that's causing it all,I just really don't want to be in this world anymore and it hurts cus I know I have people who do care about me and how it wud effect them but I just don't see any other way out..

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Have you tried the Samaritans? 116 123

They are there 24 hours. I know sometimes it can be hard to talk but I think maybe it would help you to be able to talk this all out with someone; tell them exactly how you feel. Don't worry about telling them you are suicidal; that is what they are there for. I think you need to get all your feelings out and explain your story properly to someone who will listen and tell them how awful you are feeling like you have told us on here. Hope this helps. Gemma

I feel exactly the same. Have hope that there are other people who feel like this and we juat need a little help xx

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