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I have no get up and go anymore

Hi everyone, I was diagnosed with depression in January following the death of my brother and have been on sertraline 50mg since February. I have found it helps and have recovered quite well (touch wood) the only thing I've noticed is that at the weekends I'm absolutely knackered and have no get up and go about me anymore. I just can't be bothered to do anything where as before I fell ill I was always out and about doing things, I'm like a different person now. I feel ok in myself it's just this hanging over me now just wondering if anyone has experienced the same and if so what did you do?

Sorry about long post! Thanks ☺️

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Hi Swanson88

It sounds to me like you may (understandably) still be suffering the effects of a massive trauma. Weekends can be a time for the body or mind to "crash" just to recover from the stresses of holding everything together during the week at work/college etc. My advice is: be very very kind to yourself (no beating yourself up; try and do one thing each weekend that you used to enjoy - even if you don't particularly enjoy it now it may do you good in ways you don't realise), share your feelings with a trusted friend/family member, give it time and things will get easier ( a tricky one as it may take a good while but you'll need to trust me on this one). And if you think it would help, find a bereavement counsellor. Look after yourself.


Thanks for replying, I did think this might be an idea to set myself small targets and push myself to try and snap out of it. I have been put forward for counselling it starts soon so maybe that will help. I'm just a bit gutted because I get married in a few months and it should be a happy exciting busy time and I just can't be bothered. Obviously I'm looking forward to it and I can't wait I just wish I felt myself again. My hen weekend is next month not sure how I'll cope on that either will have to just push myself and get on with it. I see my doctor next week so will discuss with him. Thank you though your advice does make a lot of sense I appreciate it x

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I was put on Mirtazapine (another anti depressant/anti anxiety ) med and although it was efficient in 'dulling' the depression I found just like you, I had no oomph. I stopped it after 5 months and the difference was amazing. I could actually wake up and feel like getting on with the day and my energy returned. I do appreciate that grief affects us all differently but I am so glad to feel like my old self again.


See I thought this! I lost my brother in September last year and depression set in around December/January. I've been on sertraline since Feb and when I missed a dose I actually felt a lot better, had more energy etc so I may discuss coming off them when I see my doctor this week as they could be having the opposite affect now.


i have no get up and go i just lay in the bed im real weak upon standing.


I don't no if it's my age as I'm 54 but I too am on sertraline 50mg for anxiety due to to the menopause, I get tired as I'm working 6am till 2.30pm in a physical job plus I'm a single parent. Weekends are a complete waste of time Im so tired don't eat proper and wake up felling low and a failure 😖


Your not a failure never think that! Your just at the start of a change that’s all and it brings new feelings which takes getting used to. You will be tired you work, have a house and kids to look after but you also need to look after yourself and make time for you! I bet your kids think your amazing and just what you do for them keeping a roof over their head and bringing the money and food is too so keep your chin up and keep doing you, your amazing! Shout out to the single Mums they don’t get enough credit!


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