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Need help


Hey everyone,

Basically I cannot get out of bed at all, I’m just so exhausted no matter how much I sleep. At night I’m wide awake and struggle to go to sleep at a decent time. Every night I list things that I need to do and when I wake up I’m so tired I stay in bed and nothing gets done. I can’t get anything done around the house or even things I need to do like paperwork etc. I can’t even cook dinner or any type of food as I’m just so tired so it is always takeaway.

I find I can go out and be around people I’m close to or just going out to do something is like distraction enough I think it’s better than doing things that need to be done.

I have made an appointment for counselling but there is a wait list. I’m just wondering if anyone else has this same feeling and lack of motivation and can give me some tips to cope.


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First of all welcome to the forum and well done on begin able to post.

One of the major problems I had was with my sleep. I have slept for days and even not heard the phone and people at my door. I turned night into day as well and for a while I struggled to leave the house.

Good news that you have signed up for counselling, but I do feel your pain on the waiting lists there are for counselling. Have you spoken to your doctor or gone right to counselling?

There are things that you can try to help with the sleep and also eating better as well.

I can't see on your profile as to where you are based but if you are in the UK check with your local NHS authority to see if they are running a Stress Control Class. I attended one which was devised by Dr. Jim White and is used world wide. It was a 6 weeks course that took you through what stress, anxiety and depression is and looks at various areas where you can learn to control and lessen the stress in your life. There was a good section on relaxation and sleep, with information on creating a good sleeping environment and a good sleep routine. There was also a section on staying fit and eating well also.

So what can I suggest from my experience that may help you right now?

Well first of all I would say start a journal, after you have written your list of what you want to do tomorrow take time to reflect on what you have done today. Write down at least 3 positive things you have done today. Don't berate yourself if it is only small things like getting out of bed and showering, those are still achievements some days. Once you've done that do some form of meditation or relaxation exercise. There are lots of audios available online that can help you fall asleep and instructions for relaxation exercises. Whatever you choose given it few days and if you don't like it try something else.

As for food, try and keep your cupboards and fridge stocked with good ingredients that you can use to make quick healthy meals. I made a lot of stir fries, one pot dishes and lots of homemade soup.

You can get through this and I hope some of this advise is helpful. Feel free to contact me if you want.

It will take time so please be patient with yourself.

Take care. xx

Lack of Motivation can be a side effect of stress, however you will need an assessment to be introduced to the right course of CAB, so if you have arranged a treatment pathway, bi-passing the GP you need to make an appointment to see Him and discuss your problems in the first instance.

In the UK Treatment for Mental Health is very problematic at this time resources are low and you may have a wait, upwards six to eight weeks to be seen however they generally arrange a telephone assessment and have a talk with you, then send a confirmation date through the post.

Consider the time you go to bed, if you go to bed at varying times your sleep will suffer, When you get up in the morning the same applies, you awake and get up at the same time. It is important you do get up even though you feel so tired and prefer to stay in bed.

Set an alarm clock radio and set that up away from the bedside. Place it at a place where you will need to turn it of by getting out of bed. Now you are out of bed have your breakfast. and plan your evening meal.

You are going to have to try and push yourself.


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