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Just feel nothing,have little interest in anything and little emotion for the past several years or so.


Hi I'm new here for a while now I've been feeling kind of empty, Like I don't care about anything well I feel like I want to care but don't know how to. Also have a lack of emotion and interest in anything,but im always content never happy never sad just content with everything.because of that I dont eat enough dont sleep enough. I have a job in security and im 24 years old now. I have a huge family who I know love me and care abut me but i hate it that i cant care abut them the way they care about me. My mum keeps on trying to help but i dont think she truly understands she says she just wants me to be happy but the truth is i dont know how tobe happy just fill nothing. I have no reason to have a day off these days so i just keep on working, I have a zero hour contract so i work when i want to work but there are always shifts and because i do nothing on my days off i just keep on going to work to fill the emptiness but because of that I'm becoming a mess. sorry If i repeated my self a bit didn't know the best way to explain this.

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Hi neb welcome to the group was there a lack of emotion as you grew up maybe that's the reason for your inability to show your feelings! Do you think your job could be the root of some of your problems I worked as a security mostly nights in a shopping centre it was mostly older guys! Regarding the zero hour contracts there's no stability and the fact your doing so many hours makes me wonder why they can't give you a full time permanent contract!I don't know how long you've been in the job but it might be time to look for something with better hours and pay even leaving security! Please in the mean time try and start taking your rest days you can't keep working as your are without becoming unwell! P. S your a young guy get out and enjoy your self! Take care All the best david

neb1994 in reply to Celtic27

Hi I fill like I've had a lack of emotion most of my life but its got worst last few years, I do fill like my job could be part of it but not sure what else to do with my lack of interest and motivation makes it hard to get a new job and I don't have a lot of self confidence. They have offered a permanent hour contract but i turned it down because the full time hours were not much different to what i was already doing but i wouldn't have the option not to work those shifts. The main reason I dont take days off really because I do't know what to do with my self on my days on my own. Also because of all this I've gotten really lazy lately.

Hi neb.

If you're feeling this way talk to your GP. I know how hard that is but they're not judgemental and can point you in the right direction. Don't expect an immediate cure.

Is your home life ok? I'm assuming from your post that you're single. If you're feeling isolated from your parents is quite different if you're living alone. Can your parents understand what's going on? Bear in mind that if they do know they're not experts and might not always get it right. It sounds like they love you but maybe can't directly help you.

CBT might help you, you are certainly not alone, many people feel the same way so don't feel like you're a freak. If your parents aren't helpful then there are plenty of sources of help. It's a usual response to somebody lacking confidence (I do myself so I understand). It is incredibly tough but try to drop yourself in the deep end and do something you like - music, book club, partying, gaming - whatever it might me, you might find somebody like minded.

I'm going to be so patronising and you can think I'm the 'typical idiot' me for it but I've been there, Tomorrow something amazing might happen, but it might not. Don't lose hope.

Do you have any idea what would help you and make things ok? Basically what would help you?

neb1994 in reply to chbale

Hey thanks for replying. i did try talking to a GP couple of years ago she said I had minor depression gave me some tablets took those for a while didn't seem to be making a difference so she gave me a different set of pills and i dint fill like they did anything either so I lost interest in going back to my GP.She did recommend going to speak to someone, I am single tried dating a couple of times but didn't work out for different reasons. My home life is ok nothing special I live with my mum, dad and brother. I don't fill like I can talk to them about this.

Im not sure how to drop my self in the deep end because i'm not sure what to do on my own like activities or stuff. I'm not sure what would help me to be honest because the truth is theirs nothing wrong i'm just always ok never happy never sad.

chbale in reply to neb1994

It's tough, I was recently given pills by my GP, I really didn't want them and to be honest the side effects are worse than the problem they're trying to cure.

It might not be right for you - I don't know your situation but I'd suggest mentioning this to your parents/family. They may have noticed a problem and be worried themselves about what's going on and a good honest chat might help everybody. Again, I know how difficult this is, my family are aware of an issue but I've not told them everything.

If you haven't done so already speak to MIND, they have a fantastic helpline - non-judgemental, confidential and very helpful.


Where did all these negative feelings stem from, to know the cause may help you address what is going on at this time

Zero hours contract can be a negative factor in life expectations, and you may need to extend your negative thoughts to positive actions.

You could talk to your GP regards those negative feelings you seem to have, It may be you feel a lack of worth regards employment. Given that a discussion with the Job Centre may be able to help you move on to a more positive stable position.

Also talking to your GP may help if you feel unable to relate to family members. Sometimes a fear of change may also be hanging about in the background and your GP may be able to arrange a Course of CBT, That may help you address any fears you seem to have. Work satisfaction these days seems quite rare, although I feel to do something you enjoy will help you


neb1994 in reply to borderriever

Hi thanks for replying im not sure where they came from I just always had them for the past several years or so, I don't feel like I have a fear of change I spouse in a way my job is just so easy so I have little interest to change well there is a part of that wants to change but not interested enough to do the work that needs to be done to change job


I have not worked now for about thirty years, when at work I always looked for a challenge. If you are the same, go for change that will most probably help. Look for a different job while you work where you are. Finding a new job is always easier if you have employment.

The attitude these days seem to include, you do not need to like your Job as long as the money is good. Would have made me even more distracted. You have time consider what you would prefer to do. Make sure you will enjoy the change and be more positive


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