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Hi I’m New I’ve been looking for a social network to have so I can communicate with people with my condition. I’m sure any or all of you with this condition know the average person doesn’t understand. My favorite line from clueless people is get over it! I’m at a point in my mind I punch them in the mouth! In my mind of course I’m not a violent person. I honestly only want someone to get it sometimes. That’s all I’m asking for, but I’d also like to be supportive to someone in need. I get it completely! You don’t “Get Over It!” I mean I wish I could but I can’t. I can’t get out of bed today. I’m so lost in a dark, slimy well of hopelessness!

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I haven’t been diagnosed with bi-polar, but that is what my doctors think is going on. I understand that someone can’t just “get over it”. My mind even tells me that I have nothing to be upset about because that is what people of my past have told me. I think that what is important is to just accept how you feel in that moment. I need to take my own advice, but I would imagine that it’s essential to accepting who we are. I hope your day gets better!

Thank you I hope so too! I think diagnoses are sort of important if we are being medicated otherwise we just blindly find our way. I always feel like we are all in the same boat. Life is hard. But some days the sky is so blue and the grass is so green. The hardest part for me is when people say what do you have to complain or be sad or depressed about. It has nothing to do with that it’s just HOW YOU FEEL INSIDE! I wish I didn’t but I do!


Exactly. I feel guilt for feeling the way I do. Currently, I try to figure out any triggers that would cause a shift in my mood abruptly.


Guilt is a huge part of mental issues I personally feel it’s one of the worst emotions it rips at your soul. It is so wise of you to try to figure out your triggers. I try that too! Unfortunately, sometimes I just wake up crying and feeling hopeless like today. Monday’s are always bad for me. I hope you are having a better day. I know you’re not on right now but I hope you find this later. I pray you have a good day! 😊

Thank you for the prayers! I pray for your strength to get through your day!

Hi Talualh. I have to agree with if one more person says get on with it or get over it I will scream...

I would like to know how they would cope with what I have been through. MD.

So true

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