Past depression

I am on the verge of suicide, it seems the only option left

I was diagnosed with severe depression last year, but its obviously something else, I got to the point where I couldn't go back to the doctors, as I couldn't leave my house alone, there are days where I can but for no more than 15-30 mins but with someone with me, my mood changes so rapidly, I have no job, no financial support as I can't get to the end of my road, let alone go in to town with all the people and talk to strangers in the job centre to get financial support, I cannot pay my bills, there is only one option left

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  • You say it's obviously something else. Have you considered that maybe your current treatment is not effective and its maybe it's time for a review?

    Suicide is an option, you are right. But it's absolutely not the only one. If you are feeling suicidal tonight, you should talk to the samaritans.

    There are options out there, and there is one somewhere that WILL make you feel better.

    Do keep posting so we can see how you're getting on x

  • I physically can't get out to seek help

  • That must be so, so difficult. Is there any way someone could come to your house to talk to you? Who supports you at the moment? Friends? Family?

    Thinking of you tonight x

  • There is. No one, I am ignored or told I am just being stupid or foolish, no one understands me,

  • I would urge you to talk to the Samaritans, you don't have to go out for that. They were good when I needed some help. They might have some suggestions as to how you can get help via the internet or phone. There are so many supportive people on this site that can help you especially as we know how you feel. Please don't take your own life. There must be an answer for you somewhere. Wishing you wll. xx

  • There are medical people who will come to your place. Let me know if you want me to find someone...

    There are wonderful days ahead... believe it...

  • Samaritans for sure - you don't have to get out of your bed. Just call.

  • Yes, please phone Samaritans. You need to know that you are not alone with this as you probably already know by being on this forum. There are people out there that can help, The Samaritans is just a start.

    When you were diagnosed did your GP refer you to a Psychiatrist or a Community Mental Health Team. Could you phone them or your GP to tell them the situation you are in? I know it is difficult to talk about mental health problems, especially suicide, but you have taken a huge step by coming on here and telling people how you feel.

    I have taken a look at your profile and it says your location is Romford, so I searched Google for Mental Health services in that area here are a few.

    Romford and Rainham Community Recovery Team

    Victoria Centre, Pettits Lane, Romford, Essex RM1 4HL

    Tel: 0300 555 1083 Switchboard: 0300 555 1200 Fax: 0844-493-0219.

    Mental Health Initial Assessment Team

    137 -145 Church Road, (Bates Road Entrance), Harold Wood, Romford. RM3 0SH

    Tel: 0300 555 1092 Switchboard: 0300 555 1200 Fax: 0844 493 0216 (Internal Post - Drop No: 78)

    Please look at the webpages, and phone the numbers, and get the help you deserve.

    Take care.

  • Yes that is depression, very simular to mine, I was diagnosed with sever depression too. I have the same symptoms, and lost all comunication with the outside world. It used to take weeks to hit (go outside )the front door. I fought and fought with myself,,, couldnt understant why I was like this. only that the outside world let me down ,,,or i felt it had, and didnt want to be with those people that could,,, hurt me again,,, Or after thinking on it,,, thts what I came up with as a reason for this behaviour.

    Its the way depression make you feel.

    I used to love , cycling, 20 years it took me to get on my bike,, yesterday, I was a bit nervous but wanted to do it.. Finally I did it...

    Contact MIND,, and explain you need support,, helping you with forms, and do they know of any organisation that can help. Do you live in a housing association flat or house sometimes they have people who help with people who are in need of support.

    Phone your gp, tell them how its effecting you, and ask for help and where you might be able to telephone. ie benefits advisor who might visit at home. Maybe your meds need raising. if he says make an appointment,,, tell him you cant get out the front door.

    Gosh Im so glad you have wrote this!!! someone like me!!!

    But im proof,,, you can and will get better, it might take a bit of time,,, but you will appreciate things so much more,, I like have, and its like being reborn. ,,, something little comes back, and your so thankfull, before i took so much for granted,,now I dont. Im a much nicer person now. It was a hard road,, but my inner strength of wanting to get well again, kept me going. to see the sunshining,,, to love the snow again. and now, I can help people in the right way, with true empathy because ive been there. YOU WILL GET Well again. it just might take a bit of time. x were here for you x Linda

  • Two is not enough! lol

    Make that has to be an extremely good day for me to venture outside of my little bubble of comfort zone although I will sometimes go to see my psychiatrist I often phone and ask if we can do a 'phone session' and my GP has got used to having to come out to me.

    Sometimes I won't even answer the door or phone in case it's a stranger. I live quite comfortably within my bubble and am on 'indefinite' DLA and ESA.



  • So what happened to you in the past? how did you get indefinite esa,,,,, I was allowed incap indefinate,, but they made me do a medical,,, twice now!!!

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