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No life

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I'm in electric wheelchair body shutting down fed up depressed mentally physically and emotionally all time low feeling useless worthless sit in electric wheelchair 24/7 see no point in life I've no life to start with suicidal thoughts run through my head. I harm myself I've stabbed myself and overdosed and even hung myself but someone cut me down unfortunately. I don't deserve life.

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Aww bless you i would suggest that you see a doctor asap and get some help maybe talk therapy or being put on antidepressants may help sorry you feel this way u do deserve life keep fighting x

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I'm on so many pills including antidepressants because of the amount of pills on they can't give me anything else

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Maybe you need to be given a higher dose or for them to change the antidepressant because it sounds to me like its not working anymore x

Of course you deserve life and it is not up to you to decide who does and who doesn't. Can you get out in your wheelchair at all? Do you have any family/friends? x


Are there any day centres you could attend, in our area they can get you picked up and can get your lunch there, it will open up some possible vibes to help you lift your negative feelings. You GP Surgery or if you have someone popping in to see you can do something to help. In the past I would go down to a Mental Health Day Centre and just by being with people helped me after my attempt

Give it a try.


You do deserve to's finding something to live for that you desperately need now. Are you in any groups or know of any resources to talk with others who have physical limitations and how they got out of depression from their own story's. I know it's hard and no one knows like you do, unless you've lived your life, how can anyone possibly know who don't have physical limitations. Are you in therapy...what kind of help are you getting there. And if I may suggest...since your typing....and writing....that's a good place to start. Start writing about you, your life....what your going you grew up, everything you can think of. Write about what it's like to live wheel chair bound everyday and make people hear you who don't know, make the world understand, you may be one voice...but it only takes one drop of water to begin an ocean.

It must be awful for you I am the same hsve no life xx

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