I've got no one to help anymore

Last month I split up with my gf after 2 and a half of the best years of my life. At the time it made sense, we kinda drifted and I accepted that. But recently I've become very down, she has depression and anxiety and after nearly 3 years of helping her I can see the same symptoms in myself. I've been relying on her the way she used to with me, but she's moved on and I can't rely on her anymore. It kills me because now I have no one to rely on and seeing how important I was to her, I feel I need that now.

I know this doesn't really have a question or anything but I just needed to say it.

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  • I wish I had words to comfort and advice you right now. I know EXACTLY how you feel but I'm not in such a good place either.

    I know this isn't helpful. But I couldn't scroll down without saying ANYTHING to you.

    I hope others have something more useful to say.

    Take care, look after yourself, and stay in touch on here. I would like to hear how you get on. And hope to find things improving for you soon.

  • Thanks for commenting, let me know how you get on, might be the push I need one day, good luck to you!

  • Hi napster I am sorry for what you have been and are going through. I think you were brilliant for helping your gf so much, not everyone would have done that you know.

    If you haven't been to the doctors yet then please make an appointment and go. Meds and/or counselling should be able to help you. I know it's difficult, especially being a man, but it is necessary. Sometimes depression will go away by itself but the longer it goes untreated the chances are it will be more severe.

    If you find it difficult to talk about with your doctor why don't you write down how you feel so you have a guide and don't miss anything out?

    We all understand depression here, so stay with us and we will help and support you all we can. xx

  • Hun I sure know how you feel...and it saddens me ..Depression (and other things of course) are so so hard... been suffering since about 13... and recently out of control... I feel your pain. I have been in therapy for years but for some reason nothing really helps, and some ppl just cant understand it, they don't realize "you" also hate it and don't want it,(that's how im treated)....I know how frustrated you are.. please know I will keep you in my prayers.

  • also I have to say Im very alone in this..and just DX with Lupus also, but also Major Depression, PTSD,Chronic Anxiety disorder and Panic disorder, I tell you this because If I hadn't found this site, Lupus Board and here .. It has kepted me together the last few months. Amazing people.

  • Hi there. I'm very sorry to hear about you feeling so low. It's better to get it out of your system, just talking to people about it sometimes takes it off your shoulders? I hope your feeling ok, have you been to your GP? A break up is never easy but also dealing with depression and axiety is a lot harder than people think. Always here if you need a chat :-)

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