I sometimes sit and think there must be more to life than this . Surely I wasn't put on this planet to work myself into the ground for other people's profit. Never get any time to myself to enjoy life and the problem being when I do get time I'm so worn out from work I can't motivate myself to decide what I want to do. I havnt felt happy in years, the society we life in is based upon money and possessions what ever happened to just being able to enjoy life for what it is . We only get one shot and it seems that we all seem to not be in control of our own lives . I wish things would change

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  • Hi Ross, I agree and we sometimes get lost in that society,and everyone seems to be either glued to their phones or iPads etc. We seem to have lost the art of conversation!!!""bring back black and white telly, the wireless and board games lol

  • It's not that mate what it is , is that people don't have any humanity anymore . You work you are a number not a person you earn a company money . In society you are a number you have to do what some rich idiots in London tell you what you should do and not to question it. Laws have gotten ridiculous, child molestors get less prison time that bank Robbers . When did money become more important than people's lives .

  • Might not be the answer, but I think greed says a lot, and in any work form we will always be numbers, and the rich just love that power and that greed. As for prison sentences, the system is so wrong, and it really does stress me out.

  • Can't tell you how many times I've thought the exact same thing

  • It's a joke though , I have to say I work hard and I mean hard I'm constantly knackered through work . And when you tell them you need them to lay of the work and that your depressed no interest at all. The rich get it easy and so do the poor who don't want to work free money for doing nothing. Yet the people who work do everything by the book and do everything they are supposed to get constantly screwed by every element of society .

  • Have u worked there long Ross,?

  • 10 years for the company only 12 months in this department and there is more illness through stress where I am in the last 12 months than in the previous department I the whole 9 years Iv worked there. The worst thing is they just act like it's not happening

  • Yeah been there, and just got told to get on with it. Well sounds like you need a break, or you need to go on the sick, because stress is an illness and so is depression. Have a chat with ur doctor,u might just need to be away from the place for a while, tough what they think. We are only humans.

  • I know but who are they to put this kind of pressure on everyone I feel like I need to look after everyone who is down there as they are decent people

  • Yeah. And they know that. But you have health issues as well and you have to look after yourself. When you say you have mood disorders what are they?

  • I am a good person at heart but have always had issues controlling my temper I'm not violent but little things really agitate and irritate me usually I can hold back and walk away but because I'm so down I seem to be snapping at people a lot

  • What meds are you on if you don't mind me asking

  • Nothing yet was only told I had this on Tuesday this week at a private bupa assessment . I have an appointment with my gp on Wednesday to discuss meds

  • That's good Ross. At least you have made a start,and tell him/her every thing and about your work.and the good thing about this site is your not alone, we Have all got similar issues and some one will always get back to you. Take care Ross.

    Sheila x

  • You too and thanks for taking time out of your day to message me

  • Thats funny that you made this post because I've been thinking about this subject as well,every time I get a suicidal thought this subject comes into the mix. I've been unemployed for about 4 months living off my savings and ebay and the thought off going to college finally to get a boring lfeless job at a corporation just scares me. This world promotes this lifestyle of consuming more and more of the biggest new toys that we do not need at all just to follow trends to be accepted by todays society that is just morally bankrupt and shallow with no substance. I'm starting to think minimalism is the way for me to go since I've discovered recently that just being content with what I have then consuming more and more just caters more to my depression. You go have a look at some 3rd world countries and you'll see alout of depravity and the side of humanity out society shuns and tries to cover up. But that being said you'll see some of the most happiest people there just enjoying life, simply for just "being" and society today shuns that state of mind and will always since it doesn't help bring in a profit to the globalists aka "our masters". If you can figure out a way of just enjoying a simple real life down to earth conversation or just simply watching the sun set, over these people that have everything and end up commiting suicide mainly for what I believe is their disconnection from humanity puts you way ahead of these people. Simply for the fact that you can find more substance in watching a leaf blowing in the wind over the guy that has 10 super cars a mansion plus a hot wife and kids, then wonders why his wife is cheating on him and his kids don't respect him shows that you have beaten and won this game called life. Hope this helps.

  • I agree ! And I understand how you feel - a monotonous greyscale life working 5 days over 7 to earn a pittance ! I think there has got to be more to life than this. I hope at some point you see some light at the end of the tunnel abd realize how strong you are by getting and going to work every day.

  • Here is my 2 cents. Technology has brought all of the worlds problems to your hands. Today I never watch the news. I personally can not fix any of the problems I hear about both globally and nationally. As far as the world getting worse I believe it hasn't but we are just more aware. I mean Cain killed Abel from practically on day one. So there has always been corruption and it only takes one selfish person to make a million feel miserable.

    So as for today my purpose is drastically different than my glossy eyed view of younger years. I just try to focus on the people I directly can help or influence. I find more reward in keeping my days simple and my focus on my family, co-workers, neighbors, and church. This still is quite a handful but fellowshipping with these people and helping meet one of their needs is quite rewarding. And it is usually reciprocated. But as far as the big over arching plans my hope is that they will work themselves out. Best wishes and please keep posting. I would love to he more of your thoughts.

  • I agree we seem to be controlled by technology and the contestant need for the upgrade or better model etc and has taken away focus from making things to last . The thing is that's not just technology sadly that's now even people's views. Always looking for the upgrade? Divorces have increased because now it's the norm to get bored and move on rather than to try and fix something that they have already . The same with for example an iPhone some people go out of their way to get the new model every year worth nearly a grand each time for like 3 extra features it's just corporate greed that is fuelled by people's inability to see through the delusions forced upon them . Also you never get any peace a quiet roads are over crowded traffic is ridiculous. I prefer driving at night it's peaceful. I admit I want for the upgrade but the upgrade I want is a society where we can live our lives more of a even split between work and leisure . We work from 16 to 75 that is the majority of our life's and we spend the majority of that time earning other people money so they can have the happiness while we live in sadness and debt . It time for change in my opinion

  • By the way sorry if I sound nuts 😃

  • Not crazy at all. It sounds completely reasonable. I like the way you think. Looking for deeper meaning and purpose. Sounds like you want better for yourself as well for those around you and it is so frustrating to you to watch people give their lives over to temporary meaningless charms that don't last.

    I remember a time of my life when the hours were long and meaningless and everything seemed so pointless. I had a wife and a kid and we were always broke and struggling. I was applying for other jobs and then they always fell through. I think I hit a rock bottom there and something snapped in my head. Like a voice saying, "this is your life and this is all it will ever be... so why not make the most of it." I remember at that point my perspective changed. I started looking for opportunities mainly to socialize with other people. Eating my lunch with people. Bring cookies to work to share. Small things but I started feeling better. Plus there was this guy that on the outside appearance I felt we had nothing in common but with my new attitude I gave him a chance and it turned out we went to the same university. We were in the same programs and had the same teachers. We became close friends fast and I thought dang this guy has been sitting around the corner from me for two years. What a drag to waste all that time. Let me know your thoughts and thanks for the reply.

  • Your lucky if you have mates. I find a lot of people will act like your mates but ditch you when you suddenly become a burden . I grew up with a group of friends that would have never even met if it wasn't for me tbh . I have kept the group together for years and just recently they have completely cut me out. Never ring me invite me out when they go. This really gets to me but then I look at the bigger picture they clearly aren't very good Friends. I think you have to be on the same wavelength as people to enjoy each other's company and all they care about it's football and showing off trying to be like the older group who are quite frankly a set of low lives . I have decided they are not worth my time . Although I will still be pleasant if I see them and attend birthdays etc. I will never again go out of my way to help them.

  • Glad somebody thinks the same as me mind & body is mentally & physically worn out , all work & no play now anxiety has kicked in & feeling rubbish...

  • That's the problem the companies don't care anymore because there's that much unemployment you to them are a number and therefore are replaceable.

  • Hi, just looking through messages. You been busy!! x

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