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Hi everyone,

We all doing ok?

How do you manage/cope with loneliness if it’s something you have/feel etc?

All my family live away, I have my 2 children and a boyfriend. I see a carer 4 times a week for an hour, my boyfriend 3/4 times a week and my children live with me. I have a couple of close friends but other than that or even in spite of that I feel terribly isolated and lonely.. I used to be such a bubbly, confident person and now I’m nothing like that. I feel absolutely blessed to have my 2 beautiful children and yet so guilty for feeling lonely 😞

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Hi Lynzhoppy1 I 100% understand how you feel..I feel lonely sometimes myself and its very hard because I always shut people out I guess thats why I feel so lonely some days. But surround yourself with positive people. Try new things. Try doing therapy and mindfulness :) I'm sure you could benefit from it. I also like going to church and surrounding myself with the people there because they are so holy and wonderful. Hope you feel better soon x Take care

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