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Hi. So I’m in my 3rd year of uni but now that it is the summer I need to find a job. I usually work part-time throughout the summer while I’m not at uni but I’m dreading it so much. Starting a new job is not just scary for me, but so overwhelming and I get panic attacks.

I have never been paid well despite being in my 20s and doing a degree. My parents / family have always put so much pressure on me to always be ‘doing something’ and working. I am so depressed at the moment and my mental health is so unpredictable that I don’t think I could sustain a job. I have never had a full time job as even part time is exhausting / overwhelming for me at times. I want to move out of my parents but I have no money and the only way is to get a job but I don’t want to receive minimum wage like I always do.

Working just puts so much fear into me. Even when someone mentions it I feel a panic attack coming on. I’ve had negative experiences in the workplace and I just want something where I don’t have to deal with people and employers that treat me fairly and don’t put pressure on me because I am so unstable and with my mental health issues I can’t deal well with stress and lots of things going on at the same time. I’m bad at multitasking and can’t focus.

I’m just wondering if there’s any help I can get or any way to be able to actually live and earn money when you have very bad mental health?


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Isn't their anything you could do from home, or something you could do on your own?


No. Not without getting the living wage.

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Hi Kelly. I’m 28, havd a degree and my work history has been patchy .

The main thing you need is treatment for your mental health , then you need to find a job that suits your mental health.

Working is actually good for your mental health . My job at the moment is pretty bad for my mental health but the company is good , I get my weekends off and I can move departments .

What sort of work do you want to do ?


Hi Kelly,

My daughter wants to leave my house, but she can't because she can't survive on minimum wage. She always wants to go back to grad school. I just want her to learn to manage anxiety and depression better before she leaves home.

You are not alone.

Blessings and peace


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