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Issues with eating

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I'm a 21 year old male. I have been eating once at lunch time after fasting for 2 days and taking diet pills for a few weeks now. I've lost about 30lbs. My friends have expressed some concern that my eating habits are unhealthy. Honestly I've never felt better, except for the occasional stomach pain. I have a lot of issues with self image and self esteem. I've always seen myself as disgustingly fat despite being told that I'm not by many people. I've always had issues controlling my eating. I would eat when i was sad or bored and i would eat a lot, especially sweet and unhealthy foods. I also tend to eat my food really quickly. I have been taking vyvanse 40mg and prozac 40mg since having a breakdown in February and attempting suicide. The vyvanse has decreased my appetite to almost non exsistint. Despite that i continued to struggle with eating too much. Eventually i started eating once a day, then once every other day, and now only once every 2 days. I know that if i started trying to eat normally that i would lose control again and start gaining weight. I'm not going to let myself gain more weight. If not eating is so bad for you then why do i feel so good?

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You might be feeling good because the meds are working, or because you're pleased to have lost some weight. I think it's important for you to recognise that such erratic eating habits can never be ok long term. Have you ever been supported for an eating disorder before?

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No I've never had support. I have yet to see a therapist since the breakdown. Aside from the 2 days i was inpatient.

Hi I agree with Suzie. Do you know what the pain in your stomach can be? The beginnings of a stomach ulcer. If you don't eat for long periods there is still acid in your stomach which can eventually cause an ulcer.

Also if you starve your body it responds by sending it into starvation mode and it responds by lowering your metabalism thus making it ever harder to lose weight. This is why people who go on extreme diets not only put all the weight back on when they return to normal eating but also more as well leading to a vicious circle.

The way to successfully lose weight and keep it off is to eat healthily 3 times a day and this is much better than eating only once every other day.

There is a weight loss site on here so why not join as they have much greater knowledge than I do about it all. x

I’ve been through something similar what you are experiencing now. I suspect that this great feeling you have is euphoria. It’s a very common occurence that accompanies eating disorders and extreme fasting.

It may feel like you are doing the right thing because you feel so good, but in the long run your body will not be able to sustain itself on so little food. One thing is essential calories to keep your body going. Right now your body is using your muscles for fuel. At some point your muscle mass will decrease rapidly. Also, extreme calorie restriction affects your personality. Basically, what I am trying to say here is that with cutting out food you also remove micronutrients, of which some are essential to your well-being and even survival. You’ll notice that your hair will start falling out and you’ll have trouble climbing stairs. Then even a walk will make you breathless. You’ll be feeling cold and be wearing more clothing, even during warm summer. You’ll want to sleep more. You’ll become forgetful, have prblems focusing, understanding etc. Starvation affects your cognitive function.

As you said, you think you cannot start eating normally because then you’ll lose control, binge and gain a lot, which is not acceptable for you. You want to be in control and at the moment this is the only way that seems to be working for you. Unfortunately, in the long run it’s not a viable plan.

The key to healthy weight and health is real food. Eating unhealthy affects our bodies more than just making us fat. Sugar spikes affect our mental state and make us addicted.

Are you getting any counseling or you only see a psychiatrist and get meds? It’s because what you are dealing with is a result of something deeper, so for you to be healthy and happy in your life, these deeper issues must be resolved, or you’ll keep going up and down. You must find the balance. You’re welcome to write me if you wish :)

Great reply zerendipity. You are absolutely right. Dogs need to eat once a day, cats twice, and humans 3 times. This is the way we are built and tinkering with it will cause any number of health problems. Your body needs constant fuel to survive and thrive and only eating every few days will deprive it of this. You will end up killing yourself or at least making yourself very ill.

You said your friends are concerned about this, well add us to them and you will see us all saying the same thing. We can't all be wrong can we! x

Count me as one who cares :)

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