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Dealing with heartbreak

I just had a terrible Shock. I didn't get into med school despite a whole year of struggling and tests and hoping and waiting. I thought maybe after such a tough year I would finally get some good news but this happened to me. Now I have a gap year and all I see is a year full of anxiety and not having anything to do but staying at home. And driving myself insane and full of grief. My heart is contracting and I feel heart break and terrible. I cried and cried and I can't feel my head once I took Panadol for the head ache. Idk what to do. How to deal. Happy people make me further depressed. I can barely eat. I can't even sleep without jolting myself awake. I feel nauseous. How do I deal with depression anxiety and heart break all at once?

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Sorry for your problem, can you not take the past year again next year ??

Life can be a real kick in the teeth at times, so welcome to the real world with all its kicks and bruises. It is no consolation however since you have worked your tail off over the past years. When I was at College, taking Engineering and Physics the course was very stiff and we were taking groups of three examinations four times a year. If we failed one certificate we needed to take the whole group again and failure in class was quite bad, and we would be really hitting the bottom of the pit if we failed just one subject and had to restart again.

Life is full of hard knocks, they never become any easier these knocks and all people would say life hard knocks were character building and part of life. My examinations became the wrong subjects and I had to start again and it was not until I was in my early twenties that I began to see the way forward.

We never know what life will sling over us and all we can do is try and pick ourselves up.

Hopefully you will know how you crashed and all you can do is start again. Personally I can only advise that you work out a positive action in the future.

You can chat with your GP although He may not give medications to lift that mood. Drugs will just dumb you down and possibly affect your decision making.

Use the proceeding months well and make further decisions regarding your future life.

Sorry I cannot say much more regarding this, although if need be We can talk you through this awkward period in your life.

When I was at college I was put on medications to calm me down and that caused more problems as my concentration levels where crap because of them.

If a Doctor Training course is not possible now,? could you not try Technical, or nursing to make your way forward. Technicians in hospitals or labs are well payed now. Just a suggestion.


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You have a choice in the year ahead of you

You can either see a gap year full of anxiety and nothing to do or see it as a year of preparation because this time you know what your up against and know your strengths and weaknesses so with that knowledge you have an advantage to get through it and pass.


You will be wasting a year of your life if you succumb to grief. Have a short period of mourning and then look at how you can improve your chances next time. How can you spend that year usefully to give you experience and maturity to become a doctor. Working as an assistant in a hospital ? Volunteering in care homes ? I am sure you can think of a whole list of related ways to spend that year.

Good luck and don't make the mourning period too long or it will take over


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I dont have a driver and i have car issues. there are no Buses in my area to take me to internships. So I'll have to spend it mostly at home. That's why I am so depressed. 😔


That's a terrible thing about no buses. I wasn't actually thinking about an internship but just a way to earn your money for the next year. You will have to live somehow and a medically related job ( even if the link is tenuous) could be a positive when you go for your interview for university. Boards like to see a desire to broaden experience as it shows maturity.



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