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Think i’m going crazy!

I’m just sitting in bed with bedside lamp on staring at my phone and drinking tea. I’m not tired enough to sleep but not awake enough to do anything like watch a film or read a book. I feel like a zombie with a headache and am not sure what to do! Really wish I was in the Alps right now! I love being in the mountains.

Does anyone else ever feel like this? That they have a lot of free time and don’t know how to spend it, and get headaches when you are bored stiff?

Hope you all had a great day! I did some vegan baking today (made muffins).

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hi hope your feeling better here to chat.

You are not alone dear! I get so uneasy when I have time but don't know what to do. When u cannot feel anything, u don't wanna do what u used to like. I made myself walk the dog though Philly is sooo cold and windy 😅. I watched Japanese animated movie with kids and tried deep breathing so I can practice mindfulness 😄. Keep up the good work and glad u baked!😁😁

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How is mindfulness going? Was recommended to me but i’ve not gotten around to reading about it! If you confirm it is helping, I might look into it! 😊

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Ok so I did the breathing exercise and it felt pretty relaxing. Google mindfulness exercise and see if you can find free audios. It's kinda hard to try it too long cuz teenagers are home all day for Christmas break. Will try again when they are at school starting Jan 2 😅😅

Ok, I need to ask...what is a vegan muffin ? Aren't most muffins vegan ? I usually have fruit muffins. Oh. I just got it, you wouldn't use milk or eggs right, so what do you use instead ? You should write a vegan baking book. So here is my idea for you to have a cheap trip to the Alps. Turn the heat down, put a winter storm audio on you tube, make some hot cocoa or tea, get your muffins, get in bed under a warm duvet, and pretend you are in a rustic resort on a cold and snowy night. Pam

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Lovely idea

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Sounds like a nightmare haha! More positive news. I watched a youtube video which clarified a concept I have been struggling to grasp at uni, so i’m happy about that. Still feeding off the elation several hours later! Had a good night’s sleep too! 😊

Alls well that ends

I got this quite a lot recently, so I understand where you are coming from. It’s strange I never used to feel like I had any free time, what with working, family etc. I never got to see friends or do anything I wanted. I convinced myself that everyone else had loads of free time to do and spend how ever they wanted. Now I’m currently off work I see the reality.

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I quit my job for health reasons as i was stressed. Now i’m stressed because I’m spending money and not earning any! Money is evil. If only we didn’t have a society where money was a necessity. I better stop before I get everyone depressed! 😂

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No it’s ok, i’m Sure I just expressed my dislike of money to someone the other day. Completely agree.

I’m exactly the same sometimes and I’ve noticed it’s because I have no structure! Like the days I’m at work and busy I’m absolutely fine so maybe make a plan of things to do even if it’s just housework or a walk you’ll feel so much better for it trust me!

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I made a plan before i went to bed but i’m not sticking to it. Lying in bed depressed this morning/afternoon! Feeling like crap! 😞

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