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Introduction, but not first post


I somehow arrived at this resource I think through an application that I use, and I think that a support group on the web can be very helpful with a sense of community especially with mental health. I have experienced mental health issues sense my mid to later adolescence.

I also think that I should help others that need someone to relate to or who are seeking advice, or just to share a common factor about ourselves that can benefit all. The sense of community is important, and it can sometimes be lonely as I've experienced with regards to some of my problems. I am an openly gay man and out in the LGBT community, so if any members of that Community wish to seek someone to talk to about things I am more than happy to help.

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What a lovely post :) Very few people mention the "gay" issue on here, so how lovely to have an out gay man offering their support. You sound lovely. I am gay myself and sometimes it can make you have low self esteem for being different. Good on you for posting up.

Gemma X

LGBT tend to have higher incidences of issues related to mental health, and substance abuse problems in particular (due to environmental factors) with gay men. Males in general (regardless of sexual orientation) are more willing to participate in higher risk activities, which is why driving insurers charge us higher rates than females at first. But I know it can be a tough time for LGBT people, especially young adults who have experienced adverse consequences in their life. I experienced bullying and nastiness when I was younger, and I know that having other people to talk to that are from the same community can help tremendously. So, that's why I thought it was an important fact to disclose.

Yes you are right about all these things and I agree that it is important and it is my belief that many suicides are also carried out due to people feeling differently sexuality wise, though we will never know the true numbers as it may not be stated. Transexuals as well have a difficult time of it and it can be a cause of suicide. Glad to meet you. x


Hiya, and welcome :)

This site is indeed a lifeline for many of us - as I’m sure you know all too well, going out and mingling isn’t exactly the first thing on one’s mind when going through mental health difficulties. For me the community here offers an informal but understanding and respectful group of people who can understand and empathise, and are always willing to listen.

Hope to see you around :)

All the best,



It's good to know there is another man out there who acknowledges his mental illness and recognises some of the triggers.

lhave lived with depression and anxiety since primary school where I was systematically emotionally abused by one particular teacher.

At the time, in the 1950s mental illness was not talked about or was ridiculed. My adolescence was very traumatic because I didn't understand who or what I was.

I have lived through a number of episodes, my most recent started about 5 years ago and I am still working through it. I am making progress. I have now stopped work because I couldn't manage a healthy work life balance and my GP is very supportive. If I continue to progress I should be able to start reducing my medication next summer.

I may need support during the next 6 months so would be grateful for your support.

I am a young gay man and am dealing with insecurity and anxiety and ptsd. Thank you for introducing yourself. I hope that we can connect sometime.

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