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Hello my first post in here bipolar 2 adhd anxiety and Asd


Hello everyone, just wanted to write in here before I started my day. I have a nice list of mental health issues which have gotten worse over the past few years due to a couple of autoimmune issues with my thyroid and having had hives 24/7 for a year.

I’m getting chronic fatigue issues which I’m seeing a specialist for. Is it possible that any of my disorders could be causing wide spread burning pain throughout my body and fatigue? Some days I just can’t do anything for myself it’s awful

The depression can be overwhelming. Because my life is not what it was.. I can no longer work ride my bike and do normal things..

if this can be attributed To mental health issues I mean what can I do ?

There’s no psychiatrist in my area for now and the drs and nurses cannot give me any med changes or medication.

Not until we have a psychiatrist.

Any suggestions would be good . Thank you

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Hello Zelda 123

Thank you for your message. I am sorry that you feel so bad. You are coping with so many things all together.

You say there is no psychiatrist in your area.

It may be worth asking for a referral out of your area to get some help with your situation.

You could also discuss your Burning pain with your doctor. There is a chance your medications may need reviewing.

It may be worth making an appointment to discuss things with a pharmacist .

Do you have an appointment with the chronic fatigue specialist soon?

Our members may have some suggestions that might help.

The topics and pinned posts might be helpful.

There is a group in HealthUnlocked called

Foggy’s Invisible Illness that includes support for CFS.

Thyroid UK group may be helpful for your thyroid condition

Do keep in touch and let us know how you get on.

Best wishes

Sounds like fibromyalgia check and see your symptoms relate to it, I believe a rheumatologist would be best to see but see if you GP can help you with that.

Best of luck

I’ve got a referral to Liverpool royal hospital for chronic fatigue to diagnose that.. however the pain hasn’t been diagnosed .. the dr hasn’t even thought it could be fibromyalgia.. probably she doesn’t want to overwhelm me with diagnosis as I get obsessed unfortunately with things..

I don’t think the dr can refer me out of the area as she said I wish you had a different post code I could have got you some help 😩


Depression caused me to be exhausted, and I know the evidence says that when you are depressed you experience pain more, but not sure it would cause burning pain. What does your gp suggest? Can they send you private if no local psychiatrist?

Tbh they don’t know what it is.. they have referred me to see a chronic fatigue specialist

Sarah1111111Ambassador in reply to Zelda123

Hope you get some answers soon. X

Thanks 😊

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