struggling with myself

right now my mental illnesses are my biggest enemy, they are holding me hostage and i so desperately want to break free. im getting back into therapy but im still apprehensive about medication, i used to take antidepressants coupled with a bipolar medication but stopped taking them awhile ago. i know i have a chemical imbalance in my brain but im just so tired of living like this, i can barely call it living.

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  • Hi tiredbbygirl and welcome to the forum. It may help to take one step at a time and then see how you feel when your therapy restarts. You will then be able to work towards feeling better. Discuss your treatment plan with your doctor and express any concerns you may have. Please stay on this caring forum to receive support from other members who understand how you are feeling. Do any forum members have any advice for tiredbbygirl, please? Take care and best wishes.

  • Hello, and welcome to the community.

    I understand just what you mean about your condition keeping you hostage - having to constantly battle the depressive and negative thoughts can be really exhausting.

    As for the medication (and I hasten to add this merely my slant/experience)... especially with antidepressants, there is always going to be pretty mixed results based on the individual. Based on my own experiences and reading up about it, there is a percentage of people that simply gain nothing from them... there is an article on the Clinical Depression website (don’t know if I’m allowed to add a link) that makes for a most interesting read.

    I’m of the opinion that talking therapy and lifestyle changes make far more of a difference than the pills. However, again I do know that meds make a lot of difference in other cases.

    Hope this has been of some help. Hang in there, and don’t be afraid to talk to folk on here. It’s really quite a lovely community!

    Take care,


  • hi tom!

    i definitely need to make life style changes because i havent been taking care of myself, its hard when all the motivation has been sucked right out of me. thank you for taking time to reply and show support, feedback means a lot :)

  • Hiya,

    I know just what you mean! When one’s energy/motivation hits rock bottom it is very hard to do... well, pretty much anything, including the things we really know are best for us!

    You’re most welcome. Hope things start to look up for you soon.

  • My advice would be to start taking your bipolar meds again. They are designed to keep you well. I know they have unwanted side effects but that has to be better than the illness itself. (Please see my other reply to the writer with a bipolar friend) Best of luck. Gemma x

  • i think i will thanks for the reply

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