Struggling past few days

I've been struggling past few days my anxiety and worry has gone through the roof and it's having an effect on my depression, it's making me miserable, so so tired, I could just burst into tears some times, feel sick all the time and can't think straight, I've asked for help from my local gp but I'm on a waiting list to speak to someone, would anti depressants help at all with my anxiety ? As I'm considering medication if it will help at all...

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  • Hi Ben

    I'm so sorry that you're feeling so bad, I know that feeling so well.

    Has anything brought this on? Do you need to talk it through with a councellor?

    If not then maybe you do need meds to help. Ask your GP, when you see them. Ask for ones that won't make you sleepy,miso you can still function.

    Don't forget that they can take a few weeks to build up in your system before they help.m. I tried several before I found the ones that worked for me and started at 30mgs and went up to 90mgs.

    You can use them to help and come off of them when you want to.mjust remember you have to come off them slowly.

    Good luck and I do hope you feel better soon.

    Best wishes. 😊

  • This is really good advice. All I would add is that I take ones that make you sleepy. But I take them at night and they ensure I sleep all the way through and prevent me from overthinking before I fall asleep.



  • Thanks I'm off to the doctors next week, see what they say, really do need a good nights sleep

  • Hi I've never felt great about myself and worry about things breaking up with my girlfriend has just brought all those feelings back, I'm on a waiting list to talk to someone about my problems just waiting for them to get back to me, I've called the doctors this morning and I'm off next week to discuss with them the best for me

  • Hi Ben

    That really is good news, I am sure the dr will help you.

    Any emotional turmoil is bound to bring on these feelings. Keep strong and you will get there.

    Good luck and best wishes.

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