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The Flat End of the Lug Wrench

Growing up the youngest in a very large family, everybody did things for me. I didn’t get to contribute much because there was always somebody doing the contributing. And as a result, it rendered me uncertain, doubtful and depressed. It made me feel limited and un-obligated. Throughout the years, and thanks to a very responsible and morally accountable roommate, I’ve slowly changed my ways. I started contributing to daily tasks such as washing the dishes, keeping the bathroom clean, sweeping the leaves off the patio, throwing out the trash, etc… These are important duties. They maintain order in the small space that you live in. Even a 1% increase in your contribution is a step in the right direction! In the process, not only do we have a cleaner house, but I have been feeling less uncertain, doubtful and depressed.

If you work full-time, yes, they are robbing you of your precious time (the work week should be considerably shorter), but despite that, some duties are important. If you’re a parent, teach your young child to contribute in a “realistic” way, carefully balancing school and house chores. It will not only produce a more confident and less depressed adult, but it will also make the world a better place.

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