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I want to see the light at the end

I’ve never been on a site like this before, I go through stages of feeling miserable and sad crying all the time , taking time off work feeling guilty and sometimes it’s jist to much . Like I don’t understand my own emotions sometimes. I feel confused . Then I try act like everything is fine let’s get drunk but really inside I feel broken and hurt like I just want to be in the middle of no where In silence

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Good job reaching out. It's 2am here and I don't have the full solution to offer you at the moment but as a start I would suggest talking to your GP and / or the MIND and SANE helplines. You may have an undiagnosed condition. 1/4 of people in the UK have a mental health problem every year it's not exactly a stigma. The system is catching up and will help you if you have a half decent GP etc.

Best wishes for your future.


Thank you for your reply


Hi Whatalife,

Welcome to this supportive community. You will find folks here are only too ready to listen and offer support and advice. We are glad you have found us. I am sorry you are going through a tough time at the moment, and I concur with Zoea that maybe it's time to have a chat with your doctor about how you feel and your low fluctuating moods, so that they can decide with you a plan to help you. It can help to have a diagnosis, which can then inform any appropriate treatment options. This may include a referral to the local mental health team for talking therapies, and/or medication, or other options such as mindfulness.

You don't say where you live, so I'm not assuming you live in the UK. But do check out our Pinned Posts section and take a look at our free downloadable mental health guides, as well keeping handy our Crisis support helplines -UK, USA, & international.

If you do live in the UK here are our crisis support lines:

The Samaritans Tel: 116 123 [24 hours line]

NHS: 999 [Emergencies]

NHS 111 [Non-Emergencies]


You are not alone, and you do not have to suffer in silence.

Let us know how you are getting along.

Take care,

Best wishes


Hi thank you for your reply. I am from the uk ! I have been to my doctor and have been referred to speak with someone and also giving some antidepressants! I’m finding it very hard to sleep at night my brain won’t stop ! I wish I could feel happy but I feel sad and broken and lost . Just now this site is all I have to let some emotions out .

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I know where you are coming from! Getting referred to speak to someone is good, relaxation techniques at night might be worth looking at too, hot baths, lavender etc. Extra magnesium at night worked wonders for me sleeping like magnesium malate, citrate, orotate, the better absorbed types...when even prescribed drugs didn't. Alcohol has its uses but its not good long term.

Fingers crossed for you x

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I've been and still am in hell .


Believe me when I say that drink was my company my every pain the worse is my drink is my enemy.

I sound like an idiot but if I can tell u you are not alone and I'm worst offender for doing everything wrong as of adhd adult and more but no help support none ,forgive me if I wrote this wrong but stay strong as strong as you can be sorry ain't ft any answers.

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Hi whatalife welcome to the group i hope you find help and answers to your problems there are a lot of great people on here with a wealth of knowledge ! Feeling miserable,sad and crying in my experience was my minds way to get rid of negative thoughts but i also got my doctor to give me meds which reduce the amount of crying you dont take them all the time just when you feel emotional p.s the med is quetiapine i wish you all the best in getting better all the best for a good christmas david !


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