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Hi everyone I really don't know what is wrong with me but I want to stop feeling the way I do. It feels amazing at some points and terrifies me at others. I feel so low I don't want to say depressed it scares me and then I feel like I do now and it's brilliant and I have so much energy but it's so difficult to keep up. When I feel sad it's awful I feel like I can't move and I've attempted suicide before. And then I feel like this and people think I pretend to be "depressed" for attention but I don't I promise I just can't keep up. My head doesn't make sense and I need it to make sense I'm a student in my third year and I have to do well. I know I can I am really clever sometimes. I just can't keep up with it all and I don't know where to turn but I want to feel calm I miss feeling calm sometimes

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  • Hi have you been to the doctor and are you on any meds or having any counselling? If so what is your diagnosis? Are you still at school? It's difficult to advise you without knowing your age ie if you are still a minor your parents/school should be able to help.

    If you are legally an adult then you can seek treatment for yourself. x

  • Sounds like you may be bi polar but i'm not medically qualified to give advice.

    Maybe best to visit your Dr as good treatments available if you are

  • I'm 21 and I've been to doctors before and they give me antidepressants and then I can never get another appointment. When I took the tablets they made me feel awful I couldn't eat and barely get out of bed for a few days and then I suddenly felt like I couldn't stop I just kept going. I'm really trying to make sense I'm sorry

  • Hi taking meds can make you feel worse until they start kicking in - didn't your doctor tell you that? It can take over 4 weeks for them to get fully into your system before you start feeling better. It could be worth persevering with them? Or maybe a different one.

    I know it's hard when you are feeling so up and down but make another appointment to see your doctor. It's not right but we often have to fight to get the help we need.

    I agree with Satsuma that it could be a mild form of bi-polar, have a google of the symptoms. Only a doctor can diagnose you though.

    You might be able to get a counsellor (if needed) on the NHS but there is a big waiting list. Can you afford a private session or two? Just to get an idea what might be wrong. Let us know how you get on.

    Meanwhile stay with us here and we will help and support you all we can. x

  • Maybe you need counselling rather than meds

    Or perhaps a different one

    Could you ask to see a specialist consultant at a hospital

    Could your parents/older family member on your behalf?

    If in Uk could you contact Mind and ask their advice too?

    You need proper help/advice and the strength to perservere till you get it.

    Not always easy when you're unwell

    Thinking of you

    Best wishes Jenny

  • Sounds to me like a bi Polar illness .. Please see your gp and ask for a referral to a psychiatrist where he or she can make a diagnosis

  • You may want to try mindfulness. I've just posted some links on the anxiety community.

  • Thank you all for your help. It feels so wonderful to feel cared for. Thank you thank you thank you

  • Hi Hannah, hello there! Please do take the advice of the many who suggested that you visit with your Dr about this...and most importantly, seek therapy... This will help you 'get to the bottom' of what is causing your extreme feelings... Please just know that there ARE answers... just now go for 'em!! :) Best wishes to you!

  • Hi Hannah,

    It seems like you or someone else is putting a lot of pressure on yourself. 3rd year studies is tough and can quickly become over-whelming. Do you have a schedule that you try and abide by?

    You mention your head not making sense - what kind of things are you thinking about? When you feel anxious why not take half hour to write in a journal. Getting thoughts on paper can help you to regain your composure.

    Hope this helps?


  • I just know I can do well. I really believe in myself. I will try making a schedule thank you. And a journal is an awesome idea!

    At the moment I feel like I can't keep up with my head. It's like I've got 5 brains all thinking at once and can't stay focused for very long on anything which isn't helpful when studying. It's difficult to rest too I just want to keep doing stuff

  • Hi Hannah,

    I am so glad to hear that you are positive about managing this!

    Here are 2 more things that you could try:

    - To help with focus why not take one subject matter to a "noise neutral" place like a forest or a beach and study a bit there. The change of environment should put your mind into a more receptive state. Most importantly try not to get anxious about the other million things you need to do - you will get there.

    - Although difficult it is important for you to get a decent amount of sleep else your problems will just increase. Have you thought of doing some exercise to make you physically tired? Otherwise, try some meditation to make you relaxed.

    Hope this helps?


  • If you are studying sometimes you will work to long on a project or other activity.

    If you are studying say three subjects it is important you do not study each to long and keep moving on, I found actual study time was better done in small bites, not cramming. If you cram your brain will not be able to take in all the facts etc you need, small bites, break, next subject break etc. You need to give the brain time to remember your facts etc.

    You also need to take time out, having time out with friends etc a couple of times a week or you will become stale. Time out will help to keep the brain active.

    All above needs to be adapted to your needs.

    You can see your GP as I feel you are older than sixteen, drugs can be prescribed although in your case you need your Brain to remain clear, medications may not help with that and you studies may be effected. Only your GP however can make that decision and you will need to consider the consequences of any actions you decide on

    Good Luck All the best


  • What are you studying

  • English literature

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