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Blue Peter

Yea I have mental health problems similar to the one's people mention. For me anyway, after spending a lifetime on Benzoes, I find that I go for regular brisk walks and do breathing exercises, and talk to people that I meet in courses that I do, that way you can break the cycle of staying in the house which actually makes anybody feel very bad. Go to your doctor there are talking therapies and Counsellors available to help you see negative things in a different light, ok you currently might not feel like doing any of these things, but you gotta start somewhere, so at least see your Doc if you haven't already, you will get better but it may take a while to get there.

Kind Regards

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Yes could not a agree more, it's amazing what tertiary mental health services can do and the courses they (hopefully in your area!) offer are like gold. Meeting with peers with similar or at least insightful stories and banging heads seems to be one of the most healthy things you can do for yourself.


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