Bank holiday blues

I always feel more fed up than usual over a bank holiday. It doesnt make any difference to me that everyone has the day off and even the whole week off as it is half term holidays. I dont get excited by the thought of holidays. I have more time to spend feeling fed up. We

Will have a few days out with the family so that will be nice but I just put a false smile on at times.

Every day is difficult at the moment not much gives me pleasure.


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9 Replies

  • I feel very similar. You're not alone. So sorry you are struggling.


  • I hate bank holidays. All the change of routine and traffic jams. Makes me feel very unsettled. Hope you get though it ok x

  • Trapped in the isolation of my anxiety as more people invade my space!!! Feel for you , xxx))) :)

  • Thanks for your comments

  • Yes bank holidays don't really mean much to me either as I have now been off of work for over a year due to joint condition and severe depression. The only good thing is more things are put on the telly. My good thing will be that my wonderful daughter will be at home for the day and any day she is around brings sunshine into my heart.

    As for the bank holiday at least we can laugh at the poor soles who thought it would be warm and sunny!

    Hope you do have a good weekend


  • Thanks Caroline. Good to know im not alone in feeling this way. Our children are a real gift to us and it is good to realise the joy they bring. So that is one good thing about holidays. Like you comment that there will be more on tv on Monday.

    Have a good weekend. Good to look at the special things in life.

  • I spent a couple of hours with my daughter and it was lovely, then I came home to a lonely empty house and I hate it , I hate this being alone crap its slowly killing me i think x

  • Hi

    Just want to say that I hope the weekend hasn't been too bad for you. The weather has been great but today seems dull and windy, about to rain I think, and that makes it boring. I hope you're managing ok.


  • Hi Sue thanks for you comments. I have had a couple of family get togethers which I find difficult. Have to put on a false smile. I bought a new bike on Saturday which cheered me up and I have just been out on it. I feel quite good now. The sun is shining here on the isle of wight but I wont go out this afternoon. Maybe do some gardening.

    Take life slowly!