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My heart just dropped

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Please forgive the title I didn't know what else to write. Well today I found out that the person I was talking to for like 9 months got a girlfriend. I don't know how to feel or what to do cause it's not like we were in a relationship ourselves but it's just I endured time with them whether it be on chat or call I did all these things just with a random stranger an it kinda hurts now not to have someone there anymore. I really liked the person's company it was probably the best. But I just couldn't see myself in a relationship with them I don't know why probably it's because I'm afraid for commitment or something. I just feel wrecked now and my biggest mistake was probably giving them number and talking to them on call. I don't know what to do how do I get over someone. I've never really gotten this close with a guy before an they just broke me when I did. I feel so down I'm not sure what to do. Should I block the person should I just take my life offline. How do I get over someone I don't know. Am I a bad person for this I can't imagine when I actually get a boyfriend how I'm gonna feel. It's not like I thought this person was the one but still I did so much with I know I'm probably over reacting by saying so much an it's just phone calls. But it's a big deal to me but I feel hurt inside an I get feel in my stomach that I can't get rid of. I know probably liked the person but I can't anymore they have someone in their life now so what do I do, how to move on. This is such a struggle I feel so sad an maybe depressed. I really don't know what to do in a situation like this. I need help please I'm so sorry I don't mean to bare trouble but this is the first time I'm in a problem like this. ;(

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Hello Charmer , I'm wondering how old you are. It could make a difference in how you should behave.. I'm confused because you say you just talked and there was no relationship. This makes me think friendship was what was happening and why can't that continue. I think most people have work friends and it's considered appropriate .It does sound as if you might be making too much out of this. Why not ask this person about the situation Pam

Well I'm 18 quite young you may think. An I don't think our friendship would continue cause I don't think his girlfriend would like him talking to another girl. It was just friendship in a way but you know sometimes you just get to attached to people an it's hard to let them go but I need too but thanks for your response. Take care ^_^

hi again, I understood, but I don't see why you can't still be friends. Men and women can be friends without a romantic involvement. Men make quite good friends as they don't get caught up in all the drama of life and tend to not take everything personally. He can sort his girlfriend out. It is interesting that he didn't mention his girlfriend sooner. Pam

Yes I know but she's new to the picture meaning he just met her. I don't think we'd talk again cause that's how things are I guess. I just need to let go an try to forget now but thanks for your words of encouragement

I think you are a very generous person to put another person's happiness before your own. It speaks to your character and maturity . Pam

Thank you so much for your words of advise may continue to bless you ❤️️

Hi Charmerbluegirl! Your posting caught my attention because its like reading my own story 16 years ago. I have move on since then and now married with 4 children... I remember when I was suffering from rejection, constant crying, i had eczema and my dermatologist recommended to see a psychiatrist because its more emotional thing thats triggering my skin condition... Time heals all wounds. I reconnected with the guy after 12 years, he and the girlfriend got married and had a child but sadly the woman died afterwards. So me thinking that maybe, she got him for she needed him more. Everything has a reason. When a door close on you its because its leading you to a different directions. It will hurt for a while, but eventually you'll bear it through and will look back and say, 'how did i ever fell for that guy?' :) go out and be with real friends, stay away from your computer for a while, watch a movie, do some shopping, there are lots of things to do, you will miss him a lot for a long time, but eventually old memories will be replace with a new one and you will recover. goodluck and all the best wishes for you...

Thank you an your words were very helpful. God bless :)

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