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I've suffered with depression for about 20 years but only sought treatment about 5 years ago. I initially had cbt and a course of emdr which resolved some of my issues.. I also really struggled with social situations and talking to people and recently finished a course of CBASP therapy. This helped so much that I was finally able to admit to pretty bad hoarding. In the interest of safety I was encouraged to try and make a start on clearing my home with the assurance that a referral was being made to the core mental health team and that support would be given. As with both my previous referrals which both took over 18 months to be actioned I have heard nothing since I was referred in July. Despite calling every week for the last month and leaving messages the person assigned my case still hasn't returned my calls. I'm trying to carry on with the decluttering but the stress has triggered a relapse in my depression. This has led to more time off work I'm already on thin ice as it is. I don't know what to do. I tried speaking to my previous therapist but as I am still in the consolidation period I can't see her. I don't want to stop the clearing as I'm scared that if the council see the house as it is I might get evicted. I feel so helpless. My only support has been my husband but I feel so guilty and don't want to burden him with all this. Sorry for the rant but once I started I couldn't stop

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Hi Heldmos, and welcome to this supportive community. It's ok to have a rant, we all need to do that sometimes. Let me take this opportunity to say well done - you have made a start on the decluttering of your home. Give yourself a pat on the back, it can't have been easy but you have taken steps forward. Ok so you have had a set back but you know help is coming, and you have a supportive husband, .try not to feel guilty he is with you and can see that you are trying. If you get overwhelmed have a look at the 'Topics' section and 'Pinned posts' on the right of your screen. I am sure that there are members who can give you some tips that can help to lift your mood. Good luck and best wishes.


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