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I just wanted to post to say I came on the site looking for advice, but ended up signing up just to say how annoyin your pop up is, asking to sign up. There was no way to remove the box which covers the screen apart from clicking the sign up box.

Maybe you should change it as it might stop people pressing back and not visiting again.

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Great minds think alike.

Hannah .

Your language is totally unacceptable. Why don't you clean it up and try again. You might find this site very helpful, a lot of people do. Pam

I think you are a very rude man to use such language here, we don't tolerate such language , no one else has mentioned this Pop up issue. so maybe you are the problem. You seem like a very angry man.


It’s angry not angray

Maybe if they didn’t have the stupid pop up across the screen I wouldn’t be so angray 😂 sorry angry

I did but edited it out.

Still I think I have a valid issues, if you look at the screen shot.

How many people have had the same thing happen, and left, never to return?

Hi Simon .

Thanks for editing it, how are you?


Lol, after your reply earlier, then you ask how I am 😂

Simon, Thank you for editing your post. We weren't attacking you , we were responding to your use of profanity. Now that we're past that , I hope, what can we help you with ? Whatever your issue is there will be someone who has had the experience and will want to support you. I haven't had pop ups, but every so often we get a few glitches. They are usually dealt with in a timely manner. Pam

I am the worste at pressing them yes there pain I'm confused most time with me adult ADHD and PTSD along side much more so hi everyone and welcome .im new as well

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