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Feeling like i'm cracking up

Only just joined this site and this is my first post. I have always been a really quiet/shy guy who has kept his emotions hidden, even when I felt like crying my eyes out

I work in an office, doing a job I really hate, and in the last two years or so, I have been having various health problems, which I have had various blood tests and appointments at the GP and local hospital, after 2 severe bouts of terrible stomach pains etc, I was finally told I had IBS, however over the last few months, just when I thought I had it under control, the pains are back, and been having sleeping problems on and off for months now, not been to get to sleep or waking up early and just dreading getting up, also, I have noticed that I do tend to watch the time a lot of the time as well hoping & praying the day goes quicker.

Each time I have been to the GP, he asks if anything is stressing me out or worrying me, but I always say no, i'm fine, just the same old IBS flare up again, I know i'm been an idiot, but I find opening up to people, ever close family difficult.

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First of all, you're not cracking up, it's part and parcel of anxiety and stress, i suffer with it too, and IBS, the more stress you're under, the worse IBS gets, plus if you're not sleepin (same as me), then my guess is, irs anxiety thats causing this, you really need to go to your GP again and be honest, they probably will suggest you try an antidepressant and counselling, which is not as bad as you think, it will help you get rid of all those negative feelings, even CBT to help focus on coping strategies. Please go backnto your doctors and get the help you need, It took me some guts to do it because of all the negative stigmas on mental health, but it worked for me im pleased i did it. That was 13 years ago, im now having a bit of a relapse, but getting back there with new medication and more therapy x

Hope this helps x


Thank you for replying to my post, I have been to my GP this morning and posted a reply.


If you can't talk about write your feelings /symptoms down and give it to the doctor. You must get the help you need. Take care of yourself. Regards Lorna


Hi Lorna, thanks for your reply, been to GP today.



i know IBS can be a problem especially if we are feeling anxiety around that problem. Many people hate their work and wish they could have a change, that basically falls back upon your lap, and I understand we just cannot change our daily trudge at the tip of a hat.

Personally there must be something else that is pulling you down and under those circumstances I would advise you to see your GP as you are suffering anxiety because of your health concerns and work situation

If you feel you are becoming ill once more discuss all with your GP and explain your work situation He may advise further treatments to put your mind at rest.

All I can say is you are welcome here at any time to discuss your feelings we are very understanding and will help when we can. Personally I feel you are suffering anxiety so again see your GP. There are medications that deal with this, although you need to ask yourself is this the way forward I wish to take as they do take the edge out of our lives and also they may cause more problems in your works position. If you are worried regarding health, the way forward there is getting it sorted, again the medications on offer may suppress your mood, this could suppress you discussing your tummy problems.???

If you are re-acting caused by depression hence the crying etc, again you need to see your GP for advice, at this time if medications are advised you may need to see a CPN and discuss ways forward.

Of course changing your work position may be a good idea to find a new position, although with the way employment is at this time you may have problems finding a new position. Remember if you get a new position you could find yourself in the same situation.

With my condition I made very far reaching decisions and it has taken time to see them come to the for, again I would not advise this until you can see an opening appear to give a way out of your low mood.



Hi Bob, many thanks for your reply, been to the GP this morning.


Hi I emphasise with you. I have always done office work and have had jobs I quite liked until 10 years ago when I got a job at the DWP in the contact centre. I hated it with a passion but stuck it for 5 1/2 years because of the money and coz it was the only job in town. I realised the stress and depression was making me ill and should have left sooner but was eventually sacked for long sickness periods.

If you really hate your job that much you need to concentrate your efforts to change it before it makes you as ill as I was. I know that is not easy but maybe you could change your career? I realised that I didn't mind office work as long as I had a certain amount of autonomy and could work at my own pace (quite fast) without the pressue. A variety of duties was also good. The DWP job was target driven with the targets set very high which I found soul destroying. The monotony of it drove me round the bend!

My depression which had been mainly held at bay came back with a vengeance and seems to be permanent now. As for stress I cannot now deal with any at all. The damage seems to be permanent. Even though I have been out of work now for 5 years (I am 61 and live in a seaside town with very little work I can now do) I would still far rather be in penury than work in a job that was destroying my health. Please don't make the same mistakes I did.

If you think you are suffering depression and anxiety then I agree with the advice to see your doctor as meds/counselling might be able to help. Take care x

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Thank you for your reply, saw GP this morning, things went well.


Stress triggers IBS, I know that much.

Myabe you could look for a job you may enjoy more? It sounds like you are stressing because of your life situation. I had a bf with IBS once and he had a lot of tummy pains and they took ages to find out what was wrong with him.

In a way, opening up would help you to control the stress a bit more. Crying is a way of letting emotion out, the build up of which can cause extra stress. Maybe take baby steps and tell the doctor your stressed but that you don't want to go into detail? Talkign about it will help you to discover why you are stressed and then learn a coping strategy.

Hope you can learn how to open up. It's not easy for men in particular. Men are perceived as being strong and the knights in shining armour who can cope with anything. But you're only human, and admitting to someone you're stressed doesn't mean you are weak, it actually shows strength because it mean you're gonna try to work out how to overcome it.

Good luck xx


Thanks for your reply. Saw my GP this morning, surprised him & myself and really opened up and things went well.


That's great to hear, well done! You've gotten over that hurdle, the first time you open up is always hard, especially for men who feel they need to keep everything inside. But it's important to acknowledge your feelings. It's great you've taken that step :).

Sorry for the late reply, everything has been so busy!

WTC xx


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Many thanks for taking the time to read my first ever posting. After a rough night and waking up at 3:30am and unable to get back to sleep, I finally made up my mind to see my GP. I was unable to see my usual GP as he was fully booked, managed to get appointment for another GP at the surgery.

I was nervious about seeing him, but he was so kind and understanding, after telling him about things that had happened and how I was feeling, he just sat there, looked at me and simply asked, what else was happening, and for the first in a very long time, I felt it was time to try and open up and say what I was feeling, and once I had started, it all come pouring out.

It appears all the stress I had with the 2 x severe bouts of IBS and a liver problem last year, combined with the stress at work, has just pushed me over the edge and he said I may have depression, I filled out a short questionnaire about how I have been feeling over the last few weeks, I will get those results in the next few days, he also gave me a months supply of Fluoxetine (20mg, once a day) and said to give them at least 10 x days for them to start working.

Once again, thank you for replying to my recent posting, and I will update again in a few days, after I have been back to my GP.


hi A few things you may never have thought about before...... when you actually speak what you are thinking inside... it transforms the feelings associated with it, allowing anyone the ability to move in some sort of direction.

Writing, also accomplishes the same thing.

Depression is Anger turned inwards........open the door and walk through it , you need to start to understand yourself and take care of yourself....

this is the journey of the Large Red Onion and it has several layers.....

Your thoughts are made up of chemicals, that's why medication helps... don't stop taking them when you think you are ok again ... they are the reason you feel better...... listen to you DR.


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