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I have suffered with depression/anxiety for over ten years. I work part time and whilst I enjoy interacting with other people I also find it extremely exhausting - it's almost like I feel I'm putting on an act with people. I have to make time every day to be on my own for a couple of hours - is this normal? I actually lock myself in my bedroom. I am becoming very unsociable in my relationship with my partner - I am avoiding any closeness - we go to bed and I read for hours. In fact I read pretty much all the time to escape reality - I also sleep to do this. Is this just the behaviour of someone who is depressed or is there more to it than that? I take 40mg of Fluoxetine every day. I have had CPD counselling but this didn't really help. I just want to feel normal 😩😩😩

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  • Wow your the same as me! Exactly the same. Do u live with ur partner?I take 40mg fluoxetine too, and I feel zombie like :/ struggling to show and feel love to my partner now

  • Yes have lived with him for 1 year, but we've been together for nearly 6. - previous to that lived on my own for 10 years with my children - they are both at university now . He is quite needy my partner - he is a widower and needs constant assurance and affection which i find difficult at times. I had got used to being on my own and doing everything myself when i met him so its been quite a change to consider someone else other than my kids - i guess i have become kinda selfish? !!

  • I think that is common when you live on your own - Ive become very similar. I know from a few of my friends who have then moved in with someone it takes a while to adjust. Explaining to him that you are someone who needs there own time, not because of him but just because of who you are (introverts recharge by being on their own) and that spending time on your own helps you might work. Perhaps encourage him to find some hobbies that will get him out the house a couple of evenings a week - then he can go out and have fun, leaving you a night of peace and quiet to yourself.

  • Thanks Sarah - thats good advice x

  • Yes i feel very zombie like some days as well - i was on 60mg a day but weaned myself off a bit. Do you have days where you just dont know what to do with yourself? Anxious, irritable?

  • Yes all the time. And so indecisive about a lot of day to day things :/ lots of headaches. Tired.

  • Hi many people without depression find they need to have solitude for a time every day. It's harder when you suffer from depression and yes it can be exhausting dealing with others. There is nothing wrong in wanting time to yourself and I think that's normal and healthy. x

  • This sounds a lot like me as well, if you don't mind me asking how were your past and current relationships. Were you bullied, abused, or mistreated in any way from close friendships or loved one. I was bullied in elementray school and highschool wasn't that smooth for me either and this has made me very cautious when entering relationships off anykind with people. I worked in customer service and had to deal with people and I actually enjoyed it but like you said " felt like I was putting on an act " is very true for me atleast.

  • Hi thanks for replying - yes i was in a very abusive relationship with my child's father and i was also bullied by my boss in work. My partner now keeps telling me i put my barriers up quite frequently. I dont know why he is a very caring man and i love him and we have a great laugh together. Iwas also adopted asa child and think i have some issues with that.

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