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The Old Me Can’t Get Out

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I have been permanently disabled now following a TBI since 2009. Due to this I am unable to work every again and my life is about pain management and reminders to do everything!

Often I feel like the old me is locked inside of me and trying to get out so that I can go back to normal. Normal as in the person that I was before the TBI. Every traumatic experience in my life I have overcome but this I can not beat it no matter how many ways I try.

I also can not accept that this is the person that I have been made into! My world has shrunken to having very few people in my life and I am basically stuck at home 95% of the time. Depression is not a problem with me and yet I feel as though I am stuck in a warped Groundhog Day spin off!

Does this make sense to anyone else?

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YouTube might help you any topic you want search just google. Otherwise reading about someone in similar situations survivors of accident etc

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superstar79 in reply to Foggy123

Hi. Thank you for your reply. I have had many years of different treatments and have been told that there’s nothing that anyone can do to “fix me”. There is only acceptance and pain management. Which is so frustrating! Having searched numerous websites and found no miracle cure so to speak. I came across this website on my NHS account. It’s good to read and chat with others on here!

What are your disabilities and what has your GP suggested. What about appointments for a course of Pain Management ?

I understand how you must feel especially if you are in Chronic Pain. Medications can help as can a TENS MACHINE or PAIN PEN can also help and they can be purchased in a chemist or on the Internet,

You are not alone I have been in pain now since 1988 and given time you will learn how toget through the discomfort of your Chronic Condition


Hi BOB. I have been through pain management sessions and physio along with seeing numerous different consultants from various departments. I have permanent brain damage after being mugged and attacked years ago. Along with other medical conditions that cause me constant pain throughout my entire body.

Now I have to take a ridiculous amount of strong pain medications and other medications to get through the day.

I have tried stopping all of them many times and have tried natural remedies, over the counter medications and pain machines. None of them work and I end up back in hospital with further injuries.

Stubborn should be my middle name! As I am always trying to prove the doctors wrong and find a cure for everything that I am living with!

Recently I have found this site and it’s good to chat with others who have similar problems.

Yes it is nice to know this service is just a call away and you have some support here. Like you I have pain concerns and it is difficult to assist in those circumstances . Sorry you were attacked, something like that can really upset the applecart and cause damage and pain over an extended period. I have been Chronic now for many decades, and now because of my age have reduced my medication accordingly. I use a shower Head set on intensive hot on the afflicted ares, that seems to help.

Always here to chat


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