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Please help i would appreciate it.

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Hey first time ever doing this but i need some help. my mom had a little to drink after someone stole some of our decorations. now i have already seen and heard some things my dad has done but some things to note my dad has schizophrenia bipolar disorder and hes always been should i say unstable sometimes hes yelled and hit me before he doesn't do it much any more since he started smoking marijuana hes been doing a lot better but while my mom was drinking she told me some of the stuff hes done that i didn't know about. 1- he has hit her before 2- he has choked her to the point of her passing out while he was having an episode before 3- which worried my mom and me the most was just about a month or two before Christmas he said he understood why a husband would shoot his wife and kids then kill himself.I don't know what to do please if you know anything i could do please tell me i'm turning 18 in a couple of days so i don't know what i can do my mom loves him to much and shes to scared of what he would do and what would happen financially since hes the only one with a job to get help for him so please if you could help tell me what i should do then please tell me. thank you.

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Schizo affective is one of the worst to deal with! My brother yells at my brother and I and he hits my brother but he’s never hit me. He’s gotten better but there were times at night when he’d come home late and start saying to my brother a lot of crazy stuff while everyone was sleeping. Every time I try to stop him abuse and violence, he says “go in your room!” I’ve told him before that if he hits my brother I will call the cops, and he still continues to do it anyways. He also excludes me from family outings so he can mentally abuse and put down my entire family which I know is true. No one likes him but they are forced to because he is “family.” I never loved my father or my brother because they are both narcissistic, mean, and abusive.

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Im sad to hear that

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Thanks a lot, I had to get on medication so I won’t think about it because it has effected my life in many ways. I returned to my mothers house expecting more of him but I guess not. Since I have moved here, I haven’t seen him do a single dish or make a single meal for my family. It’s sad but I’m happy with not talking to him. He doesn’t like me because he knows I see right through all his lies. He’s a master con artist he only hangs out with my sister and her husband because they have a lot of money. Sad, he can’t grow up and appreciate people for who they are not for their money.

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im sorry about your brother and i agree

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Don’t be sorry, he will get what he deserves in due time.

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Purebloodlord - this sounds tricky as I can only imagine the stress this must be causing you. Your Dad does sound unstable due to his condition, or maybe due to his reliance on the condition to get away with assault and abuse on your mother. I only say this as clearly he must have some control if he can hold down his work, smoke weed, and continue in his own selfish ways , then yes I would be very concerned like yourself as to what has been going on and what is being said.

On that, you are clearly a bright intelligent person and as noted your looking for some guidance and maybe understanding for this...unfortunately only your Dad can answer this, but from what you have said above, a discussion like this may not be an option.

In your position, I would seek to speak with a GP to discuss what is happening. I would also look to speak with another trusted family member/friend to express your worries and concerns. Not sure if your dad has an appointed support health care worker, but again would urge you to tell as many relevant ppl as possible to ensure your family are protected, just in case!

I know you and your mother must love your dad , and I'm not going to say that's wrong, he has suffered at the hands of MH and with that has resulted in him changing from the person he was to that you see now! But you have to look at what's happening at the present and given what you have said, do whatever is necessary to protect yourself and your family, that is not only common sense , but genuine love and care to all concerned.

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Hi purebloodlord and welcome to the forum. I am sorry to hear about the very difficult situation you and your family are in. As Ajmiki has suggested, please speak with your GP and another trusted family member / friend about your concerns. Also, if you are at school, college or university there are support services you can access. Your GP could arrange for your dad to have a health care support worker.When I read your post, I was concerned for your family's safety. If you are in the UK, you may find it helpful to contact and [they also provide advice about financial matters]. The help ans support is available so please reach out and ask for this, just as you have done with the forum. Please stay on this supportive forum. Are there any other members able to help purebloodlord, please. A Happy New Year to you.

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Is your father getting any help for his mental state? Does he have any medication for his symptoms. He must have a huge amount going on if he suffers from what you have mentioned.

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