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Bipolar and MDD - Please help?

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Hi everyone I have had Bipolar for over 25 years and to date have never suffered an MDD in fact judging by my spiralling credit card debt evidence of my highs never any lows, now I am stuck in this vicious circle, I realise as I am low just how much debt I am in, I can't get out of bed in the morning, usually takes 1 /2 hours to get up, which I hate as I have hardly ever slept through the night, much less struggling to throw back the duvet covers and get myself up, I dread going to bed at night as I know what I have to face in the morning.

I have an interview for a full-time job on Wednesday, but although it will help my financial issues I am not sure if I get it that I will be able to get up and go to work.

Any advice would be so appreciated. If you have had MDD how long can it last, is there anything I can do to help myself out of this?

Thank you Janet

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See citizen advice bureau they will help as you pay little amount agreed back on time period

Hi, I can’t give you much advice but I can say I strongly feel the pain of living with mental illness. I’ve recently started a business and I’ve had nights where I have cried myself to sleep just wanting to give up. I’ve spent hours not being able to do what needs to be done and eventually I pluck up enough energy just to do it even if it is just to get by. It is so much more difficult to live with this than a lot of people could try to understand and I’ve also had manic episodes which at times last for weeks , even months which is in fact why I began my business. Simply because I don’t know how to stop. All I can advise is don’t be too hard on yourself but also don’t give in to the lows and the highs. Try to practice deep breathing, allow yourself to cry. And just do the things that are necessary. It may be one day of going for an interview and tomorrow the low may have passed so try not to add on another reason to beat yourself up. Sending you strength and my thoughts are with you. I’m sorry that it has to be so difficult. I often question why but just know when you can’t that there is someone else out there going through a struggle where they only wish they could have someone who’d understand and I’m pretty sure you’d be that person for someone else.

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Thank you so much for these words, I know this may sound selfish but hearing there are others in the world struggling like I am at the moment, kind of halved the issue for me, I too am so sorry for your pain, I see so many people around me who are functioning well and don't understand the pain of bi-polar, my husband of almost 15 years was shared the news this morning that I am struggling to get up in the morning, it has been a month, he is off for Easter and was shocked to see me still in bed at 8am, I have a dog who has to be let out in the morning, I have to get up for him, a blessing in disguise that I have no choice but to get up. I hope your business works out for you, I have run my own business as a consultant for 10 years and have nearly given up many many times, but we enjoyed our 10th anniversary in November 2020, so keep going it will be worth it, I was most successful when I was on my high's - something I dearly miss now I am have a low mood. Today I work 1 day a week which pays the bills - just - but one day I hope to do more. Good luck keep in touch and thank you for the kind words they really have helped me, you are a good person Janet

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Kendell in reply to Littlejan22

You’re not selfish, I also appreciate the honesty of those who suffer. Brokenness shared is a load a lot lighter. Sending you strength and warmth to get through the days that feel too difficult to get through. Thanks, it’s nice to know it’s possible to keep going. Remember, it won’t be forever so just go easy on yourself. I’ve got a bird who reminds me I have someone else to care for so I get what you mean. I feel guilty and sad at times that I can’t always be strong for him, that he deserves better but it’s always my own mind that tells that to me. Despite what the world and life throws at us, we’re stronger than most because we battle.

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Littlejan22 in reply to Kendell

Bless you thank you for your wise words, my hubby annoyed me a little he said, you need to go for a walk and snap out of this, omg how I wish that was so easy. He is only used to seeing the high version of me, the fast, spending money version of me, he can't handle the low moods, but your words have helped, take care and good luck with the business, you will have hard times and good ones too, but just keep pedalling up that hill, goodnight Janet

Hi All - I an so in awe of people’s commitment on this site.I have decided to do an ‘“open post” about mental health issues. I have just joined this amazing community. My background is in the NHS in various roles (primarily nursing and general management) but fairly senior for a considerable amount of time. My passion is mental health, oncology and patient rights. It is so incredibly tricky to have both physical and psychological challenges at the same time. I just wanted to say that if I can help in any way please put some questions or issues my way. If I haven’t a clue, I will always say so! But I do have a life long commitment to these challenges and it did strike me that there were fewer responses on mental health issues.

Tell me to sod off if you want ! But the offer remains .

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Littlejan22 in reply to Ringo4

Hi thanks for reaching out I have had bipolar for 25 years and recently diagnosed with PMR not sure which is worse? After all my time on a high I am now faced with depression from the PMR think its the worse thing ever!

OMG! Poor you, whoever said life was fair?! Seriously though, a really challenging and cruel adjustment for you to make (and for those who love you). I wish you well and am always happy to exchange a chat ....

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