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Can anyone please help me with a work issue ???

i suffer with depression & each day is unbearable at the moment

However i have been on the sick from work for about 18 months out of the last 2 yrs and have now been placed on esa in the support group twice now after passing medicals but now work what to know when & if am going back , ive only just had my thyroid removed by surgery a week ago too so just trying to get over that . to be honest my head is a shed & its the last thing i wana think of work now want my permission to get my medical records which i havnt a problem with & am going to contact the union to help me with this has i get the feeling they want to go down the ill health route do i do right to hold out till they do this or just hand my notice in would be less hassle for me if i did hold out what can i expect from the finished due to ill health route

any advice will be greatly received

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Hi sarah24, that's so difficult to decide, have you discussed this with your family? I personally never returned to work but was on good pay and company car. I'm probably a lot older than you. I'm 49. My private pension comes into effect at 55. So I too am on ESA Support. So my additional income is only 6 years away. Whilst I was working my sick note to work stated 2 half days a week. So continued on full pay with my company car. Then eventually decided enough was enough, even had the company car for a year after I left. My choice. Though I sought of got a 'golden handshake' as I had been with the company 20 years. Speak to your Union Rep/Manager and chat with him. It's a difficult decision to make and really speaking only you can decide. Good luck and best wishes.


Union is a very good idea.

Depression is a condition which should be covered by the DDA so it may be that there are modifications to your duties that your employer can make.

My experience was specific to the employer and it got to the point where I was phobic about going anywhere near my place of employment. My brother was very good at coming to medical meetings with me to support me (up from London to Oxfordshire) and also had support from Union and other friends.

Unlike you I managed to move on to something else just as the company sick pay was coming to an end. The medics were good though and supported me in doing some voluntary work whilst I was on sick leave that was how I was able to move on to another job at the end of the sick pay.

Definitely get union to help you.


Hi Sarah24, I was in a similar situation to you but am now back at work but it took a year of being off, but during that time I got referred to Talking Space in Oxfordshire and through them another charity looking at work issues and helping you decide what is best for you. They even go to meetings withthe union or work if that is what you what. There must be other things in other counties so maybe a chat to your GP could be a starting point. The decision is yours and I don't know you but do know that if you manged this far with work then this is just another stepping stone to making you the person you deserve to be. Good luck


HI Sarah 24, I agree with others that you should definitely speak to your Union Rep, could you speak to your Doctor also about it. Its a hard decision to make, as you may miss your work if your leave, and maybe contact with people helps you too.

I guess there is not perfect soloution as everyone is different. just do not do anything in

a mad rush. Think about what kind of life you will have if you are not working.

Kind regards,



If your ill, you will be entitled to employment support allowance for 365 days only on the contrubution based... after that you have to apply for employment support allowance, and continue to see your adviser, and have medicals.

Nothing is ever easy in this world...

They have newly had these expect mistakes,, as I have had with this system.(new),,, suddenly they stopped my money,,, and then, you have to fight to get some news on how the application is going, and no one can get through on the phones.!!! if it gets this bad, you are entitled to go for a crisis loan.

Your job is not allowed to sack you because your ill. If they are making it hard for you,,, contact Acass its a governing body to protect you.

I hope this helps.



I think you should speak with your union rep as others have advised; I don't kow whether you company has an Occupational Sick Pay scheme? If they refer you to their independent Occ Health Advisors it may that they will suggest some "reasonable adjustments" to enable you to return to work.

If worst case scenario is that they dismiss you on grounds of medical incapability you would be entitled to statutory notice pay of minimum of 1 month and 12 weeks full pay (less NIB) depending on your length of service.

Good Luck and hope you soon feeling a bit better. x


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