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Depression and Anxiety

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Been struggling with this darkness since I can remember, therapists help sometimes, meds do not work on me. Diagnosed with depression at age 3 and with Bipolar Disorder at 16. Currently 33 living with my mother and hopeless. I still have good days. New to this, hope it helps. Peace, love, empathy -Plutooo ✌🏻❤️

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Thanks! ✌🏻

Well I like it here been on and off and always get panic attacks when I’m away, well last time was for money reasons LOL but yeah, been working on that too: new job. And well hoping for the best. It’s not as easy to start from scratch in third world countries like mine (Colombia), but hey, I’m here for the ride. Tried living abroad like three times but kept coming back due to my illness and panic attacks. Oh well, thanks for replying, waking up

In the morning is hell sometimes, like today, but hope this helps, it already has. Thank you dearly ✌🏻❤️


Welcome to the community. I can identify with the struggle with the darkness. As I'm sure a lot of people here can. Keep posting and let us know how you're doing.

Thank you Lily, it’s my first day here and it has helped already allot, your reply means allot and yes I will keep you posted ❤️✌🏻peace love and empathy!

Welcome plutooo,hope you enjoy the support on this site.It makes you feel more normal to talk to people who experience the same.

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It does, in my case particular I’m glad I found this cuz I’m also having trouble going out and even trusting my close friends... been very paranoid -I think- as a result of five years of prior drug abuse being bipolar. Point being: I hope this helps! And thank you!! ✌🏻❤️

Are you on medications at this time ?, therapy may help.

Living with family when thirty three seems you are unable to break you ties of your family members, is your Father still alive ?


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Plutooo in reply to borderriever

Not on medications. Both parents alive. I’ve tried to move away dozens of times but keep coming back, I guess it’s true what you say.

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You seem trapped by your condition, I left home when I was twenty 27 and it should have been sooner rather than later. I was lucky I moved in with my future Wife.

Finding somewhere suitable can be a real problem, however it is important you try and move on. Do you have any friends who would share a flat with you, renting can be a way to get started. I basically slept at home before that and generally would eat at work or at a girlfriends flat I only ate at home one night a week having my Breakfast at work so it was like a half way house for me. I was having problems with family including Siblings they were Narcicist and I could not tolerate the lies etc they were spreading.

Once you get fixed, you can start looking for a better location and start living your life the way you wish, you would be independent.

Talk to your GP also try and discuss with Social Services via a Therapist or direct what your needs are. It is always hard to move on and start your own life. It stops arguments and gives you more freedom.


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